Top Reasons for No Engagement on Social Media Chris N. West

Top Reasons for No Engagement on Social Media

There are so many reasons for low engagement online. You will be on track for growth once you figure out the main reasons for this! Below are some of the major causes of engagement issues.

Lack of Trust

We have to remember that people have to feel comfortable before they engage. We can do this by giving away free products or advice.

Not Passionate About Brand

People can tell if you’re not enthusiastic about your content. Emotional content makes a big difference in engagement.

Information isn’t Interesting

This isn’t a problem after you get to know your audience. Spend time watching how people engage on certain posts. Eventually, you will see what works better than others.

Nothing In It For Them

Think about how your audience can benefit from your content. My analytics tell me that educational posts are more engaging!

Wrong Audience OR Wrong Customer Journey

Remember having more followers doesn’t mean more results in your business.  You may not get the best results If you spend time buying fake followers or just going after any type of customer.

You Didn’t Ask

You will be surprised at the amount of engagement you can get by just asking. Give them a reason to share or like your content.  Some people may just forget to share. Once you ask them they will be more likely to remember and help you out

Spammy, Preachy

Be sure to change up your content. You don’t want to only sell all the time. Think about making your content more geared toward what your audience would like to see and hear about.

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is a social media keynote speaker and author who engages audiences with relevant content that is trending. He is also a virtual speaker and presenter providing strategies on digital marketing.