Let Audiences Know Your Story Chris N. West

Let Audiences Know Your Story

You may have heard about the importance of storytelling at conferences or with marketing people.  Storytelling really helps your audience connect with you and your brand on a deeper level. It is easy to keep current customers or clients that we have who know and trust us. This is because we have built this relationship overtime with them. The challenge can be to gain new audience members that can help us grow our client base. 

You can do this by consistently using content that represents your company values. 

Below you can find a short list of places you can display your story:

  • Website– I have seen many organizations create timelines on their About Us page that helps visitors understand how the brand started. This is a good option if you do not want to list out all your milestones in paragraph form.
  • Infographics– Short pieces of content like this can help many people understand who you are quick. The following sites can be useful in creating these.  Canva Infographics Infogram
  • Social Media– You want to have a reason behind posting. One of those reasons could be to help others really understand your mission and background. This does not mean you have to put these details in every post.  Make it something you plan on doing overtime. 
  • Video– Some organizations set time aside to create videos to talk about their story, mission, and values. This can be a useful option for content since the video is starting to get more engagement online. This also can help with Youtube SEO rankings. More content means more chances of visibility on all the platforms that use video.



Make sure to spend time crafting a story that future customers can connect with. The benefits will lead to long term results!