Managing Remote Team Training – Virtual Remote Teams Management Tips & Manager Training

Managing Remote Team Training – Virtual Remote Teams Management Tips & Manager Training Chris N. West

Need help training a remote team? A hybrid managing virtual teams training could be an investment that pays big for your organization. View the content below for tips and services offered. Chris and his team of trainers help organizations with managing remote teams training to different industries. 

Working on remote or virtual teams can be a challenge for leaders, employees, and managers. Without face-to-face contact, it can be more difficult to resolve problems and communicate properly. During his time at Google, Chris learned valuable strategies for managing these remote relationships. Managing virtual employees can be overwhelming. Your team can become effective with the right tips!

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Remote team management training and hybrid tips below: 

Virtual remote teams expert speaker and trainer Chris N. Cheetham-West covers topics that can help your team connect easier. The following list includes some tips and presentation topics regarding team building with Remote and Virtual teams:


What type of culture do you currently have within your organization? Try and help your team understand the culture even if you have people working in the team who are not physically present. A constant issue that Chris often hears from clients is that people feel disconnected from others at the main office. It is best practice to make a constant effort to include all employees. One easy method is to include all employees in news updates and upcoming events.

Technology Management 

Ensuring you have the right tools when working with remote teams is critical to the success of the entire group. Often times connectivity issues can cause meetings to be significantly delayed.  Many companies are now supplying their team with laptops and cameras to help things move smoothly. In addition, making sure your team members are in a quiet area with a good internet connection can be an additional key to access.  It is also important to try and spend time training the team so that they feel comfortable with new tools such as Skype or Zoom.

Availability on Remote Virtual Teams

Managing your teams in a remote or virtual environment can become challenging overtime. This can also be a challenge to other team members.. As the manager or leader of a virtual team, you want to ensure you’re readily available. Some employees may not be as vocal as others, but being available has proven to be instrumental in building trust over time.  Reaching out and having a good quantity of meetings is crucial for connecting with your team. In addition, availability is a two-way street. As such, you want to ensure they are available as well as for important projects and updates. You can also consider a hybrid work schedule if your organization is still trying to decide how to connect win a remote environment. 

Virtual Meetings in the remote environment 

One challenge that remote virtual teams face is not knowing exactly what is being done by other members outside the office. One important factor to success is making sure team members report their tasks and status regularly throughout the week. The key areas to report on are major items completed during the week, items to be worked on next week, and at least three small items that have been completed. These details are important for helping the team stay on the same page. Weekly team meetings are also another benefit to the team.

Consider a managing remote team training session that can provide details on strategies to grow in many of these areas.

Types of training and sessions are below

managing remote teams workshop

managing remote teams training

managing remote teams keynote speaker session

managing remote teams training for groups of managers

managing dispersed teams training for managers

Managing remote marketing teams

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Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international speaker, author, and President of LR Training Solutions. He has led many of his brands managing remote team training sessions. He is the author of Leading in a Virtual World: Lead Remote Teams, Boost Productivity, and Master Virtual Collaboration. Virtual manager training session content comes from his experience at multiple organizations. In this former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Chris has a proven record of helping teams learn the importance of communication while working remotely. Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. Chris is one of the remote working speakers that shares new ideas on the topic.  A managing virtual teams training can be what is needed to help your team succeed!! Chris is one of the Management keynote speakers that pays attention to client needs before creating presentations. Virtual leadership speakers for business have a responsibility to create team-building activities that will lead to results. Chris’s book covers many areas of leading remotely. He wrote it to go along with his remote team management training. Often attendees need something to takeaway from the training. Clients often buy books along with the training. Your team will be grateful you decided to provide engaging training for them. Reach out for custom solution for your virtual team. 

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Chris can work as an in person or virtual workshops speaker for many of his topics

Virtual teamwork speakers can be helpful for many organizations that want to have events but are not wanting to do in person conferences. 
Understanding working with remote teams best practices early on can prevent issues such as burnout and collaboration challenges
Other training formats teams are interested in: 
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hybrid teamwork workshop 
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