Top Questions you should ask as a manager of a virtual remote team!

Top Questions you should ask as a manager of a virtual remote team! Chris N. West

Working on remote and virtual teams can be a challenge. As a leader of a remote workforce, you may face problems with working with people who are not in front of you on a daily and weekly basis.  Maintaining culture and having team members feel connected is crucial for growth. This list can help companies have successful remote teams.

Below are the top questions you should ask as a manager of a virtual remote team.

Does my team have the technology they need to succeed?

Am I available for my team enough for them to succeed?

How has my team adapted to this new environment om n

Am I meeting with them enough for them to succeed?

Do they feel connected to the home office? If not then more communication is needed about the everyday happenings of the organization.

Am I checking in with my team on a personal level?

All these questions will help you better connect with remote team members in any environment.


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