Social Media Keynote Speaker

Social Media Keynote Speaker

Find out how to manage social media so that you can focus on what is important in your company. There are so many platforms out there, but which one do you really focus on? Find out what platforms really fit your audience. Maybe your company is B2B and you’re trying to figure out where you can reach your target audience.  Not only is choosing the right social media platforms important, but so is managing time effectively important. This session will also give you the tools needed to succeed while doing other important tasks.

Many organizations understand the importance of social media for brand awareness. The challenge is using social to connect with the right audience at the right time

As a social media keynote speaker, Chris understands the importance of data and experience. His presentations involve specific examples from your industry. It is important that people in the audience can actually relate to the marketing content that they see.

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We know how to use these social media platforms. We now need to understand how they all work together to reach our audiences. Being social online is about communicating with our customers in a way that is easy to understand. We get results when we consistently show up!

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There is so much content to cover when it comes to social media.   Chris focuses his keynote or session on trends and key opportunities for the your industry.

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Chris is the Author of the upcoming book Digital Marketing for Results: How to focus on what matters. In this book he details social media strategies  that can help businesses grow faster online.

Many of these topics can be customized to your group. Chris has worked with organizations in different industries. We look forward to working with your group to reach your social media goals!

Chris is one of the social media speakers who can provide programs virtually and in person. As a speaker it is good to have some flexibility.

Digital Marketing For Results – Purchase (Contact for Bulk Orders) Topics covered include – Social Media – SEO – Analytics and many more key concepts for success online!