How To Get People To See Your Content First Online – SEO Search Engine Optimization tips for businesses – Checklist

How To Get People To See Your Content First Online – SEO Search Engine Optimization tips for businesses – Checklist

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It is essential for every business that they stay up to date on marketing your business to ensure success. There are different marketing methods every company can use such as social media, pay per click, and LinkedIn. This post details the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can help get your content shown first.

In the video below, individuals have used Chris’ tips and have observed instant results. 


Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips to Start Using!

As a speaker and search engine expert at seminars and events on social media and marketing one of the top questions Chris gets asked is, “how do I get to the top page of Google?” This can be very complicated task since it takes time and effort to accomplish. Luckily, if you have a marketing budget you can hire an SEO specialist to do this for you. However, if you don’t the good thing about online marketing is the many strategies that can be done for free if you have the time. Here are three key tips that will help you understand SEO better.


seo for business owners1. Keyword Tips

You need to make sure you know the main keywords associated with searching for your type of business or brand.  I would suggest choosing 3-5 keywords that can relate well to your business.

Here are a few examples of keywords that a manager of a museum  business could use: 

“Houston Museums” 

“Art Museums Houston” 

“Free Museums in Houston” 

Once these  SEO keywords are chosen, you can then start using them more often when you are writing about your business in a blog or in your product descriptions.  This technique will help Google determine the purpose of your site. 

Below is a tool to help you choose the top searched keywords


2. Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Ranking

Title Tags, also known as Page Titles, are one of the top things that Google evaluates when they want to rank your site.  Not only should this technique be used on your company site, but also on your LinkedIn profiles. As you can see in the image below the highlighted words are called the “Title Tag.” It is very important that you put keywords here so you can rank highly. One key is to put the most important keywords first.


As you can see, ” Houston Wine Bar” is the first keyword, followed by Gastropub and then the others businesses. This will help this Texas bar rank higher. Contact your webmaster to implement these tags if you do not know how to do it yourself. 

In the image below, a screenshot of the search for “Tulsa Commercial Lending” on LinkedIn is shown. The individual that comes up made edits to his profile during a session and ended up being on the first page. Even if someone other than myself was searching for “Tulsa Commercial Lending,” he would still come up on the first page. Think about what goals you have for your company or small business currently. Maybe you are in real estate sales and want to gain viewers. Putting keywords in the LinkedIn title of your personal or business LinkedIn page can make a big difference. 


3. Description Tags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results

Description tags are another place to put SEO keywords on your website. The description tags are where potential visitors can find out what your site is about before they visit. The image below demonstrates an example of the use of keyword phrases within descriptions. This photographer was sure to list more than one phrase in her description.


3. Links for SEO results

Linking your website is also important. This means that you should post your website URL link on other notable websites. This lets Google know that your site is being shared with others. It also helps more visitors come to your website.  For example, putting your link on sites like Yellowpages or Superpages will help your site tremendously. Most of the time it is free to post your link on these directory sites which yield a lot of web traffic. It is a good idea to think about where your customers may look in order to find your type of business. Therefore, it may be important to put your company in an industry-specific directory.  In the image below, a  screenshot of a company that did just this is shown. As a result, now that this company has placed their link in this dentist directory, they are more likely to receive better rankings and views from customers. 


Is SEO worth it for small businesses? The short answer is yes! 

Use these tips to increase your rankings for your company and get more quality leads. The best thing to do is to try out different tactics and validate your results. These SEO tactics can be used for events, small businesses, finance organizations, banks, credit unions, associations, and other organizations.

Once you have a better idea of how you are making an impact, you can try more advanced techniques.  SEO for an events services company may involve spending additional time planning and researching before an event, however, it may have a huge impact on your turnout. For example, depending on the age of your site, you may need to implement these tips months before your event. 

Even corporate firms or agencies can use these SEO tips and expert strategies. Some brands find it useful to check their results in Google Analytics. This is great because you can even track internal intranet traffic with this tool.  Be sure to update your site often in order to get the results mentioned in this article. I hope these SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips and advice helped you!


Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international keynote speaker on SEO at events, marketing expert author, and President of LR Training Solutions. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. He was voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in Texas list by D-Mars in 2020 for his enterprise search engine marketing and training company. Chris helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest tools online. His career has taken him to 48 US states. He holds E-Marketer and Google Analytics certifications. He provides services as a virtual keynote speaker and as an in-person expert presenter for events. He is a certified virtual presenter through E speakers.


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Chris N. West
Chris N. Cheetham-West is an international speaker, marketing expert, and President of LR Training. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. Chris helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest tools online. His career has taken him to 45 US states.