3 Simple Tips for LinkedIn Growth Chris N. West

3 Simple Tips for LinkedIn Growth

linkedin Chris N West

Many people wonder how they can effectively use LinkedIn and how they can get started past just creating a profile. I want to go over 3 quick simple tips that can give you an Idea of how to get going with good results! 

  1.  Connections– The amount of connections you have play a large role in how you appear in LinkedIn. The more connections you have. the more likely LinkedIn sees you as a person that is active on their platform resulting in them increasing your rankings. This is not to say you must connect with everyone! Some people are open networkers while others need to meet with people in-person before they connect. Decide which one you are before you decide to connect.  
  1. Recommendations– Having testimonials in any career goes along way. People want to be able to reference who else you have worked with for them to take a chance with them. LinkedIn Regards recommendations highly so it will serve you well to get at least 1 from each job you have had listed on your profile. Also, you can guide them in how they can write the recommendation, such as using certain keywords like “customer service” or “communication skills”  
  1. Keywords– The words that are in your title, summary, and your job descriptions determine how often you get up in searches results. Be sure to pick 3-5 words that describe what you would like to be searched for ” Interior designer” ” software developer,” etc. This will help when you are looking for new opportunities. 

If you search LinkedIn for a specific type of professional you will notice that the top results all have these three tips in common. Make sure to implement these tips soon to get the most out of your marketing and profile on LinkedIn. 

Many of these changes can improve your results quickly. Some people that I worked with before ranked their name higher with it in just 1 day! Maybe you are trying grow the department you are currently in. Some people are in sales and they need to generate leads. Others need to use this tool to get a job or grow a business. Doing some of these tips and help you with these goals!