Social Media Keynote Speaker ( Virtual & In-Person)

Social Media Keynote Speaker ( Virtual & In-Person)

Learn more about Social Media and how you and your team can use strategic methods to get more brand awareness. With so many tools available, it’s hard to figure out exactly where to start and what strategies to use.

In this presentation, we will provide you the tools to be successful in social media marketing. Many organizations understand the importance of branding and marketing on social media but fall short of connecting with the most clients.

As a social media keynote speaker, Chris understands how important data and experiences are. His presentations provide specific industry examples to help visualize situations that meet your current challenges.

Overall, it is important to understand that social media and digital marketing takes time. It is important to build a relationship with your followers and fans before attempting to sell your products. Therefore, it is important to develop content that connects with your customers on an emotional level.

Top Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

We are very knowledgeable about each of these platforms and understand how social media platforms all work together to reach our audiences. Having a social presence and being active online focuses on the art of communication in a way that is easy for customers to understand.  You get the best results when you consistently show up! Our audiences will realize we are putting more effort into engaging them when they know you’re always there. During his keynote, Chris will guide the audience in understanding the best information all while helping them take action.

Additional Resources:

Chris is the author of the book Digital Marketing for Results: How to focus on what matters.  In this book, he details social media strategies that can help businesses grow faster online. These strategies are easy to implement for teams and small businesses.  This book was named one of the best digital marketing books of 2020 by BookAuthority. 

With so many channels to choose from, it can be a challenge to move forward when working with social media platforms. We will customize the approach so that you get the most social media engagement from your audience.

Why hire a Social Media Keynote Speaker?

Working with an outside expert can provide a unique perspective and level of insight into your current challenges. This insight may help your organization overcome your current barriers and advance into a more successful realm of engagement.

Chris is one of the social media speakers who can provide sessions and training programs both virtually and in person. He makes sure to provide the best social media expert tips that are sure to enhance your online web presence.


Looking for a keynote speaker who offers topics outside of social media? Contact Chris to learn about other recommended professional speakers.

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international speaker, published author, and President of LR Training Solutions. In his former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and various countries including Germany, Canada, and France. Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 and maintaining a consistent record of excellence, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. Links: Nirsa Shout Out Houston Magazine

Contact us today to learn more about how to book Chris as a social media keynote speaker, session speaker, or full-day social media presenter and trainer. Chris is based in Houston, TX USA. Chris is one of the best social media speakers who is also a certified virtual presenter.

Digital Marketing For Results
Purchase Chris’s Digital Marketing for Results book to learn more about SEO, Social media, and key concepts for success online. Chapter 6 of this book discusses top tips for social media engagement. Contact us for bulk orders.
Named 27 Best Digital Marketing books of 2020 ( Social Media & Digital Topics)
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