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Global brands, Fortune 500 teams, Influential companies, and governments seek out Chris to provide content to their teams about virtual leadership, marketing, and more. Chris has been asked to present keynotes and seminars at numerous events in over 48 states and many countries including Serbia, Germany, Canada, France, and the UK. Based on his achievements and presentations, he has been accepted as a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Presently, he is renowned as one of the top 50 black professionals and entrepreneurs in the state of Texas. An accomplishment presented to him by D-Mars in 2020. Chris is a certified virtual presenter. Work with him and his team to get results. He is marketing & customer experience speaker based in Houston, Texas.

Business Person

Chris is the founder of LR Training Solutions, a international corporate training company that works with Government agencies and large business teams. In 2022, LR Training Solutions was awarded a contract from the Government of Canada to provide hundreds of training sessions to managers. Our company provides French and English-speaking trainers along with moderators to fulfill this contract. Some of our other clients include Lamar Advertising, Tractor Supply, and many other influential global brand. The consulting division of the business works with brands long term to get major results. The business is listed as a vendor at organizations in the USA and Europe. Formerly, Chris worked at Google in a position that allowed him to market key products. His brand was selected as one of the 100 recipients of a grant from the Comcast Rise Investment fund.

Award-Winning Author | Consultant

Chris is the author two business books.
Leading in a virtual world: lead remote teams, boost productivity, and master virtual collaboration. Digital Marketing for Results: How to Focus on What Matters. The marketing book was chosen to be distributed at events held by one of the top seminar companies. His book is named as one of the best Digital Marketing books of all time by BookAuthority. Since its launch, many executives and businesses have expressed interest in Chris’s book. As a result, Chris is currently a motivational keynote speaker on the topics mentioned in the books. As one of the expert Co-Authors of Lone Star Media Leaders, he details key business tactics that have been helpful in his business. In 2018, Chris was awarded the NSA Nido Qubein scholarship to help him excel and complete his MBA. In addition, he has been a board member for many associations including AMA-SA and Black NSA.



Presentations have been done across the USA.



Multiple countries

Services provided for international brands and global companies.

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Chris is available as an top expert virtual or in-person professional speaker for your events and business growth opportunities. He is very experienced in topics involving marketing, customer experence, and more.  His experience includes working with remote teams,  Google products, digital marketing, Google analytics, social media, Internet Marketing, and business strategy. Many of his clients have expressed satisfaction with his ideas on innovative trends.

Chris works with teams as a expert and keynote speaker. His experience with Google as a marketing specialist has taught him the value of communicating strategies to help organizations rank high amongst their competition. During his time at Google, he worked with 32 remote teams across the country. In addition, his experiences as an author have further instilled these concepts and helped him identify better strategies and tips for companies. He is the author of the book: Leading in a Virtual World: Lead Remote Teams, Boost Productivity, and Master Virtual Collaboration covers key strategies on leading remote teams.  His other book – Digital Marketing for Results. He shares his best tips within this marketing book. His marketing keynote sessions also include useful strategies from this material.  Chris is one of the corporate motivational speakers who takes time to understand his clients.  As a customer service and customer experience speaker Chris has been listed as a top 200 CX influencer to follow by Engati.  He has been interviewed for numerous magazines including Black Enterprise, National Speakers Association, and more. 

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Top AI Trends for Marketing Results 

There are so many ways AI can help market your organization and you may be stuck trying to determine which way is the best for you. In this presentation, we cover several new ideas on artificial intelligence that many companies are using in order to get the most out of online digital platforms. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the number of channels that are now so readily available, but the most important factors are timing and remaining relevant. Artificial intelligence is changing at a rapid rate. Get useful tools that can help you and your team benefit!

Top Marketing Trends For Results (Chris is a marketing keynote speaker who is certified in many channels)

Marketing and branding Session Objectives:

  • Learn how to be found easily by your target audience
  • Learn how to get the most engagement from your marketing efforts
  • Learn how to reach your audience with a clear message through multiple channels

Leading & Managing Remote Teams 

  • Learn how to maintain company values and culture while working remotely
  • Learn how to utilize the latest online technology to collaborate
  • Motivating and supervising remote employees for results
  • Learn how to keep team members accountable in order to reach goals
  • (Bonus handout that has a list of questions to ask as a manager of a virtual remote team.) (Ask about leading remote teams training) 

Other Topics Include Analytics, management, and more. See the Menue tab for all topics! 

Customer Experience Speaker, Marketing Speaker, Customer Service Speaker, Social Media Speaker, Inspirational Business Growth Speaker

Google Analytics Consulting

Chris has worked with many professional organizations to get the best team collaboration and internet marketing results. Up to date on the latest trends and strategies, he is one of many well-known business digital marketing speakers who can customize each presentation to fit the audience’s needs. Chris’ priority is to provide your audience with relevant quality content.  Chris is one of the best corporate speakers on a variety of marketing and management topics. 

Past Audiences: Executives, Directors, Managers, Specialists

Clients usually find and hire him as a marketing keynote speaker or AI Speaker to motivate their groups to succeed by introducing new online strategies and trends. The tips within this presentation can help you communicate effectively with your digital marketing agency representatives. Virtual Marketing Speaker services are also available. 

Some of his best offline and virtual internet marketing  speaker reviews of Chris N. Cheetham-West:

“I had the pleasure of attending Chris' presentation on Social Media Marketing. He clearly communicates information and best practices relating to social media and other digital channels. I would highly recommend Chris as a speaker for any digital marketing event.” - Jennifer Fancher,  Director of Marketing - NORTHEAST ARKANSAS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION  (Chris was the Digital Marketing keynote  Speaker for conference and social media event she attended)

"It’s always good to review what you know, but even better to learn something new. Chris’s “Digital Marketing” presentation was an excellent review, and I learned quite a few new tidbits to take back to the credit union. I would recommend Chris and his content to anyone in the marketing field." Andrea D (Online Marketing Event attendee)

"Chris demonstrated attention to detail and clarity as he led a class I attended on digital marketing. He provided insightful information and recommendations that went beyond the course materials." -Brian Noe (Marketing event attendee at Louisville Kentucky conference ) 

It can be a challenge to find a speaker to hire for your event or project. Testimonials help you make the right decision!

"I was excited to have the opportunity to learn from a leader in the industry about successful strategies for social media marketing. The insight and expertise that Chris brings to his training environment is exactly what I needed to not only understand this topic better, but to put action steps in place to make a substantive change to my current procedures in this critical area of my business." -Misty Ladd

"Great Keynote to start the conference" - keynote speaker for digital marketing event

Testimonials from Virtual Keynote speaker opportunities are also available. 

Recent Top Mentions and Interviews. NIRSA Keynote ShoutOut Magazine.

Many different types of industries hire Chris as a business or marketing speaker.  He shares tips that apply to small business, corporate brand, celebrity, minority owned businesses, or major brands.  As a keynote presenter he creates memorable experences that leave a lasting impact. 

Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in Texas list by D-Mars in 2020 for his black-owned marketing and training business. He is an African American male speaker who can talk to many diverse audiences.  As a speaker, he regularly shares new team, business, and motivational digital ideas that have been used for projects in his company.

Contact for this speakers corporate testimonials or more top-rated reviews from specific industries. Testimonials from clients that have worked with Chris on in-person or virtual business sessions, SEO strategies, and virtual events. 

Travels from, and lives in Houston, Texas, USA. Sessions and top strategies have been done for corporate clients across the United States along with other countries. He is a speaker dealing with marketing and other topics. Attendees have experienced insights in Alaska, New York, California and many other states. Chris has shared the stage with famous business speakers in the industry. His best internet and offline keynotes and programs on trends and business topics can also be provided virtually as well as in person. Work with him to choose the best platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, and more. Chris is one of the Business speakers who is a certified virtual presenter through E Speakers! 

Top Trending Speaker Topics


managing remote teamsChris has worked with many famous brands as a corporate speaker and trainer. His company LR Training Solutions works with government agencies and large business teams.  Guest Keynote Speakers are now offering virtual presentations at conferences and Chris is one of the top virtual speakers! He can provide the best virtual online experience for your group. He is one of the  virtual leadership speakers for business that get results for teams. Chris has worked with executives and management groups from different companies. Keynote for marketing event or other functions will be customized. As a virtual keynote speaker at events, he makes sure to understand the needs of the audience before beginning the presentation.  He provides the best way to find a solution through his internet marketing speaker and digital consultant services. Chris spends time on making his business content motivational in order to connect with audiences and management. Executives book him to provide a variety of services.  Facilitation services are also available upon request. 


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