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3 Marketing Trends You Need to Know Now

There are so many ways to market your organization. Which one should your organization choose? This presentation will cover several new ideas many companies are using to get the most out of online platforms. Within this session, your audience will be more confident in implementing their online strategy. Whether they are managers or part of the team, this will help the company stand out from the competition.

Top Strategies for Managing Remote & Hybrid Teams 

Working on remote and virtual teams can be a challenge. As a leader of a remote workforce, you may face problems with working with people who are not in front of you on a daily and weekly basis.  Maintaining productivity, culture, and having team members feel connected is crucial for growth. This motivational session will provide proven strategies that will help attendees have successful remote teams while improving employee satisfaction. Full session 

2 Day Digital Marketing Seminar

Short description: This will give your team an overview of the newest marketing strategies that have proven useful to many companies. This covers social media, strategic marketing, online advertising, email marketing, analytics, and much more! Many people like this program because it points out the most important topics within these digital channels people use. As a manager or associate, you are most likely busy from day to day with other duties.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?                                                    [huge_it_videogallery id=”1″]

Short description: Find out what SEO is and how to use key strategies for your organization to be able to rank higher in the search engines. This training details how to use quick tips if you are a manager who is busy with other tasks. There are many different tools and tactics that need to be used to succeed in the search engines rankings. This can be for corporate SEO or small business and organizations.


Other Topics

LinkedIn Strategies for Success

Short description: Find out how to use LinkedIn for career and business success. Your company will learn the importance of having LinkedIn as a part of your overall online strategy. Understanding how to use it for recruiting or growing sales is essential. Understanding how to position your profile to be seen so that the right people can move your career forward. Also, knowing how to connect with leaders in your industry can help you grow your knowledge in your field.

Using Social Media Strategically

Short description: Find out how to manage social media so that you can focus on what is important in your company. There are so many platforms out there, but which one do you really focus on? Find out what platforms really fit your audience. Maybe your company is B2B and you’re trying to figure out where you can reach your target audience.  Not only is choosing the platforms important, but so is managing time effectively important. This session will also give you the tools needed to succeed while doing another important task.

 Time Management for More Productivity and Profits

Learn how to manage time effectively by prioritizing key items throughout the day.  This is a great presentation for virtual teams and organizations with many departments. This will increase productivity which creates a better environment where things get done and profits increase for organizations.

Better Results and Productivity from Remote Teams 

Remote teams speaker who goes into detail about how to communicated and build relationships while working outside the corporate office.

Managing Remote teams Speaker Trainer

Reports for Growth: Google Analytics Presentation

Google Analytics can be an overwhelming tool to use. Find out what reports you really need to succeed with in making changes online. Many look at this tool, but they do not use all the many features it offers businesses

View more details about bringing in Chris as a Google Analytics Trainer & Speaker for your team

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Speakers 

Find out how SEO can benefit a speaker business. This details how to use tools that will increase your awareness online. Contact for specific programs

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