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Chris is one of the business growth speakers who has real business experience. He has not only started many businesses but has also worked at large well known brands. His experience in business growth is based on proven strategies in sales, marketing, and customer experience. Not only does he talk about business growth but he is considered a business growth & trends speaker. This means he pairs business growth strategy ideas with the latest trends that are relevant to your industry. Trends and thinking of the future are crucial for success. His keynote sessions and training programs are an experience to remember. 

Business Growth Keynote or Session 

Next Level Business Growth: How to Use Top Trends to Grow Quick

The future of business is bright! There are so many ways to grow your organization and you may be stuck trying to determine which way is the best for you. In this presentation experience, we cover several new ideas that many companies in your industry are using in order to get the most out of new trends. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the number of  cutting-edge tools and technologies that are now so readily available, but the most important factors are timing and remaining relevant

At the end of this session, your audience will be able to increase performance and stand out in this ever-evolving business landscape. 

Business growth & trends   Objectives:

  • New ways to be found

  • Using technology to your advantage in business

  • Get engagement that drives growth 

  • Understanding competition 

  • Become aware of trends in your industry

This business growth session can be customized to your industry or company. Other keynote or session topics that may be beneficial include Customer Service/experience / AI trends for results / Marketing Strategies.  Reach out for the business growth topic or a different topic that can meet your needs!


Chris helps organizations as an inspirational business keynote speaker who puts their customers first. As a business growth speaker, Chris has worked directly with many organizations, both large and small scale. He has had the opportunity to speak at several of their events and sessions. When he first started, he began working with small businesses and has since established himself as a reputable member of the community working with many well-known organizations. Business and management keynote speakers have the responsibility of making sure transformation happens. Business growth can be complicated. It’s useful to use key strategies and leverage technology to reach business goals.  He is a business keynote speaker who has authored mutlple books and audio programs. He has also helped numerous brands get more customers through innovative strategies. 

This business growth keynote presentation will give your team an overview of the newest marketing and business strategies that have proven themselves to be useful to many companies and organizations. This covers strategic marketing, advertising, sales, and much more! Many people have enjoyed this program because it guides them into new opportunities. One of the virtual leadership speakers for business that gets results.  Choose from many topics including management, growth, team building, and more.  As a business keynote speaker, Chris uses his experience from starting businesses and working in corporate organizations to help people reach goals.

Why Hire Chris as an Inspirational Business Growth Speaker?

-Chris has business experience in many industries

-Marketing experience at Google. Chris worked in many businesses across the country

-Great Business Speaker reviews from past clients 

-Experience growing his own business for years through key marketing and sales activities. 

Other topics that are related to business growth

Inspirational Business Growth through Customer Experience  Service- 

Loyalty Unlocked: Mastering Customer Experience


The customer experience is everything when it comes to gaining and keeping loyal customers.In these changing times people put experience at the highest priority when they choose who to buy from. In this presentation, Chris will cover key strategies that lead to customers coming back and buying more of your product or service. We will cover the latest trends along with powerful stories that help brands create lasting experiences. 


  • Understand how the entire journey of the customer
  • Learn top trends that help brands connect and serve customers
  • Online and Offline Customer Experience Strategies
  • How  AI, and other technology is being used by brands to maintain and attract new customers.

Inspirational Business Growth through Customer Service- 

Supreme Customer Service: Creating Memorable Moments for Lasting Results

Being memorable has a lasting effect. It even helps us share our experiences we had with a brand faster.  In this informative session, Chris will cover key strategies that lead to customers coming back and buying more of your product or service. We will cover the latest trends, technology, AI, and other tools that brands are using to maintain good customer satisfaction and give great experiences. By the end of this session your audience will be equipped to attract and retain more customers than ever.


  • Learn top trends that help brands connect and serve customers
  • Understand how the entire journey of the customer
  • Learn what customers want and enjoy from brands
  • Drive customer loyalty that lasts
  • Create moments that customers will remember long term

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an inspirational business growth & trends speaker, trainer, and Founder of LR Training Solutions. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. He worked on a team with 100 virtual employees where he learned the importance of communicating with remote team members. This experience gave him valuable knowledge and strategies in communicating virtually with teams. Chris helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest and best tools online. He provides training ideas for remote employees and leaders. His career has taken him to 48 US states. he also conducted presentations to teams in Germany, France, Netherlands, and Canada (Ontario, Quebec). He was voted as one of the top 50 Black Entrepreneurs & professionals in Texas list by D-Mars in 2020 for his corporate training company.  Contact him to be a keynote speaker or session presenter for an event or for advice on remote team management and virtual teams leadership.  He can be a virtual keynote speaker or in-person presenter on supervising remote employees.  Chris is one of the virtual motivational speakers who is a certified virtual presenter through E- Speakers. Chris is one of the team-building keynote speakers who take time to make the presentation custom to the audience.  LR Training Solutions was selected as one of the 100 recipients of a grant from the Comcast Rise Investment fund. He is based in the USA. This lets customers know that the remote presentation will be professional with good equipment. The best way to contact is through email Chris (at)

Contact us for Business Growth Keynote Speaker details and information. Topics can be customized for your corporate or small business audience. Presentations are available both virtually and in-person.

Based in Houston, Chris travels to talk about business growth and customer experience strategies that lead to results. As a business keynote speaker, Chris has made it his mission to impact many audiences with his engaging growth talks. 

Industries Chris has helped

Dental Dentists
HR Human Resources
Accommodation and Food Services
Business Coaching
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Retail Trade
Government Employees
Financial Services
Real Estate

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Business topics include Advertising, Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, and additional concepts that can help people and teams succeed online.

He has presented business growth and trends topics in many cities including Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Jacksonville, San Jose, Fort Worth Columbus Charlotte, Austin, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Indianapolis, Denver, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Las Vegas, Portland, Memphis, Detroit, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Tampa, New Orleans, Cleveland, Honolulu, Cincinnati Anchorage, Tacoma, Wilmington, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas,  Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, and more! Bring him in as a business keynote speaker or trainer that can help your brand grow!