Session 2 Online Marketing 

Session 2 Online Marketing  Chris N. West


Session 2 Online Marketing 

In this training recording, you will understand exactly how to market yourself as a speaker.  Whether you want to be a keynote speaker or trainer you will find this useful to your path. Chris goes into detail on what has worked for him over the years to be booked as a speaker. Social media platforms have helped so many people grow their brands quickly.  SEO is crucial to reaching audiences at the right time. You will find the best marketing strategy for speakers who want to grow.

  • Overview of ways to market
    • Social Media
      • Tips
      • What to post
      • When to post
      • How to remind people of what you do
      • Videos
  • Researching other speakers

Social Media 

  • Content calendar
  • Topics
  • Platforms
  • Videos

Other forms of marketing  

  • Email marketing
  • Ads
  • Captions/ AI