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Digital Marketing for Results: How to Focus on What Matters

“One of the 100 best Digital Marketing books of all time” – BookAuthority With the many options available to market your organization, you might be wondering, which one you should choose, or what would drive the most results across all these different options. Social Media, Analytics, SEO, Online Ads and more, all play a crucial role in getting results. This book will cover several new ideas many brands and teams are using to get the most out of online platforms. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of channels available to us. Timing and remaining current with what is working can be the key to success. After reading this book, you will gain the confidence and motivation to implement the right online strategy for your organization.

Save Time and Money  With the changes in the economy, budgeting for marketing may vary. With many of us inundated with trying to reach other business goals that require a monetary investment, some struggle to prioritize funds. Some have low budgets while others have larger ones. This book goes into detail on what is most important so you can be as efficient as possible.

Get Real Engagement    
A common question in the industry is concerning engagement. What is it and how can we get more? Not only any engagement but engaging the right audiences.

Track Results   There are many tools out there that give insight into what people are doing while utilizing your content. The problem is, interpreting this data can easily get become time consuming. The book goes into detail on how to use tools like google analytics, to find out what users are really doing on your site and how to optimize this data to your benefit.

Leading in a Virtual World: Lead Remote Teams, Boost Productivity, and Master Virtual Collaboration

The world is going virtual! The sudden increase in remote workers and hybrid work environments means it’s even more important to understand how to connect from a distance. Team members are realizing how vital working from home can be to their health, happiness, and career. You can adapt and excel, too.

  • Learn how to effectively work and lead from home while building trust
  • Understand what can lead to the greatest flourishing for you and your team
  • Learn key strategies to collaborate with team members in different cities and countries
  • Find new ways to avoid distractions and focus on your goals in the home setting

Hear from experienced people who have succeeded in this new virtual environment. In this book, business owners and people who are a part of global teams share what works for them. We discuss the metaverse and emerging technology that can change the practice of teamwork. After reading this book, you will be motivated to lead remotely and take advantage of future trends in remote work.