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Additional Topics Chris N. West

Keynote Speaker &  Session Presenter

We offer a variety of keynote and session presentation topics.

Our most popular sessions:

3 Marketing Trends You Need to Know Now

Marketing needs to be constant and frequent. However, there are so many ways to market, and it can be difficult when making a decision on which way is best. In this seminar, we will discuss ideas on how to get the most out of our online platforms. Within this seminar, your audience will develop confidence in how to implement online strategies.

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2 Day Digital Marketing Seminar

In this seminar, your team will learn about many trending marketing strategies that have proven to be successful in many organizations. Seminar topics include social media, strategic marketing, online advertising, email marketing, analytics, and much more.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?                                                    [huge_it_videogallery id=”1″]

In this session, you will learn about SEO and the key strategies for your organization to be able to rank higher in search engines. This training details how to use quick tips if you are a manager that is busy with other tasks. There are many different tools and tactics that need to be used to succeed in the search engine rankings. This training can be geared for corporate SEO or small business and organizations.


Some of our other topics include:

LinkedIn Strategies for Success

Learn how to use LinkedIn for career and business success. In this seminar, your company will learn about the importance of LinkedIn and how to build an online presence using many popular strategies. Understanding how to recruit, network, and grow sales is essential to the longevity of your organization.

Using Social Media Strategically

Learn how to manage your social media platform to ensure you’re maximizing your company and focusing on what truly matters. With so many available platforms, this seminar aims to provide some clarity on the subject.

 Time Management for More Productivity and Profits

Learn how to manage your time effectively by prioritizing key items throughout your day. In this seminar, we aim to discuss how to increase productivity to create better work environments and better manage your tasks. Successful time management can lead to better products and increased profits. If you increase productivity the team and organization can gain more results long term.

Better Results  from Remote and Virtual Teams 

Remote teams are often very difficult to manage. In this session, we will teach you how to overcome these challenges, and cultivate strong relationships while working remotely.

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Reports for Growth: Google Analytics Presentation

Google Analytics can be very overwhelming for many to use. In this seminar, we will discuss what tools are necessary to succeed in making changes to your online customer activity. In addition, we will review many of the available features.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Speakers 

Learn about SEO and the necessity for your organization to begin properly implementing it today! This seminar will provide your audience with detailed descriptions and tools to help them increase their online branding and awareness.

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Recent and past events where Chris served as a digital marketing speaker:

Social Media Conference Speaker – San Diego

Oil & Gas Admins International Conference – Houston

2 Day Digital Marketing Seminar Speaker – Chicago

Social Media Breakfast – Houston

Real Estate Workshop – Houston

Accion Texas Small Business – San Antonio

Get America Online – Google Events – Marketing

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