Time Management Speaker Provides AI Tips to Improve Productivity! Chris N. West

Time Management Speaker Provides AI Tips to Improve Productivity!

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Chris is a time management speaker who helps teams get results using artificial intelligence (AI) for better productivity on their team. He and his team have provided long-term training sessions for brands and government agencies looking to get the best out of their team.  Reach out about Time management using AI topics for conferences or events.

Effective Time Management Tips to Improve the Productivity of your Team ( from a productivity speaker and trainer) 

Gadgets, social media, email notifications, your neighbor’s music, the loud barking of dogs on the streets – name it. We are living in the present world where chaos has taken a normal role in our lives. With most companies having to embrace remote work, it became challenging to ensure you work at your best, the same or better than you’re at the office.

Now, if it seems like there are never enough hours to finish your tasks in a day, effectively managing your time must be the answer. If you know how to focus on what truly matters, it is easier to bring mindfulness to your daily routine which also helps you get things done even with distractions around. Productivity needs to be a priority.

If there’s one hard truth to take when it comes to time management, it’s this – not everything on your to-do list is equally important. There will always be tasks that take precedence. You need to learn how to identify and manage high-priority tasks.

You control time, not the other way around!

Promoting effective time management is also important for team managers or leaders who want to boost the productivity of their teams.

If you don’t know where to start, I shared below some of the ways I learned effective time management as someone a managing a remote team myself. I also do Managing Remote Virtual Team sessions  and time management speaker sessions your team can benefit from, find more details here.

Why Is Team Management and Productivity Important for Teams?

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, a typical employee spends about two hours every day on activities unrelated to their jobs.

The majority of tasks that produce little to no commercial value take up 80% of the normal workday.

Statistics like this demonstrate how much time is wasted without your knowledge. Sure, having a little fun at work has no adverse effects. But before your company’s performance begins to dwindle, something needs to change, right?

Remember, not all of the fault for this problem lies with the employees. As businesses attempt to deliver solutions at lightning speeds, stress levels are at an all-time high.

This is when learning time management becomes crucial. Employees that effectively manage their time will meet deadlines, become more efficient, be more productive, and produce superior work.

These employees also feel less pressured, which will help them advance in their careers and, ultimately, reduce the staff turnover at your company.

While no one is born great at handling time, you can practice this like any other skill you learn out there. Organizations may better unlock the potential of their workforce by teaching their team time management practices, effective communication skills, and work that plays to their strengths.

Top 5 Strategies to Improve Time Management and Productivity for Your Remote Team (From a time management speaker) 

To effectively define priorities, avoid distractions, and maintain concentration on your goals, you need to apply a variety of strategies and techniques. Each of these offers distinct advantages that, when combined, can help your team perform at its best.

Try these five strategies and take control of time:

Do time audit

time audit is one strategy you can use to address time management issues. Consider it to be a daily life equivalent of a tax audit.

Finding out how you spend your time each day will help you stop doing things that aren’t necessary and pinpoint where your time is being wasted. To further improve your performance, you can utilize this information to design a comprehensive and manageable work schedule.

After a week of doing this, you should be able to quickly spot time wasters in your daily plan and make the appropriate adjustments.

Create a structure, but leave room for flexibility

Consider the outcomes your team is aiming for and encourage time management techniques that assist employees in achieving those results in a way that offers both structure and flexibility. 

According to research, when Gap retail employees were given a clear plan, productivity climbed by 5% and sales increased by 7%. This result demonstrates a connection between consistency and output. However, many employees still yearn for flexibility.

According to a Slack survey, 52% of respondents stated they want to work in an environment where processes are always being improved.

Learn to delegate for better productivity and time management 

Small business owners and inexperienced entrepreneurs make the error of believing they are Superman.

To save money, they take on additional work without recruiting staff. They eventually reach a breaking point where nothing gets done because they are overloaded with customer emails and deadlines.

Any company leader who wants to succeed must develop the ability to delegate. You can give up some control and delegate tasks to people who might be able to do them better, rather than attempting to handle everything yourself.

Cultivate teamwork for good time management 

The inability to manage their time effectively is not the only factor stopping employees from working at their utmost potential. Instead, it’s a more significant cultural issue that is occasionally exacerbated by senior leadership.

Unintentionally, some businesses and executives foster unproductive situations by requiring team members to be always online and to reply to emails right away.

Instead of demanding constant email monitoring, make sure each employee has a reliable teammate who can cover for them when needed. In this manner, employees can truly take time off when they are off. Having a trustworthy proxy will increase productivity and reduce costly turnover by preventing fatigue and stress.

Invest in a time management training

Some studies cite strong arguments in support of workplace training programs that impart practical time management techniques. For example, research found that team members with time management training experienced reduced “job-related somatic stress and increased perceived control over time” than their non-trained colleagues.

Those who place a higher value on time are better at managing their time than those who place a lower value on it.

Now, if you’re looking for reliable time management training, you can check out the one I offer. My managing remote employees training will help your team make the most of tasks and thus, increase overall productivity.


Bonus: Top Time Productivity Tools You Can Try 

Even if juggling so many responsibilities at once is challenging, having effective time management skills makes it much simpler. You don’t have to feel like you’re being tugged in a hundred different directions to get through your workday (and accomplish nothing in the process).

The good news is that technology can help you when you want to get better at managing your time. Using a range of tools and programs, you can maximize productivity with the least amount of effort.

Here are some of the tools you can try today to get ahead of work:

Master Time Management & Productivity at Work

Ultimately, if you don’t have a solid foundation of time management abilities, no “pro-tip” or calendar tool will suddenly solve your time management problems.

Time management techniques teach us how to get the most out of each day, which then helps increase productivity. It’s only one of the many useful tools in your arsenal that can help you become a great manager. As your time management skills improve, you’ll have more time to lead your team to success.

If you find things overwhelming, I can help. Reach out today or browse through the topics I cover in my speaking events to see which best work for your team.

During time management training or speaker sessions, we cover Microsoft teams and other collaboration tools that many brands use.

Time Management and productivity Training and Speaking

Chris and his team provide training sessions on time management and productivity. During the sessions many topics are covered including time management tips, new collaboration tools, shortcuts on Microsoft or Google tools, and more (clients can choose what to focus on. ) Whenever we conduct our 4 session management training we often include a session on time management and productivity. Reach out to set a session up for your team today!


Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an time management speaker, published author, and President of LR Training Solutions. In this former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. He also advised many large companies on  time management and remote teams strategies. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and various countries including Germany, Canada, and France. Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 and maintaining a consistent record of excellence, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. As a time management and productivity speaker Chris N, Cheetham-West has worked with top companies in different industries. He has shared the stage and networked with famous speakers involved in business, time management, marketing, and management.  Many companies work with Chris as  top training consultant, time management speaker, or seminar leader. Chris is one of the speakers who is certified in virtual speaking. Based in Houston TX, he travels to provide training for organizations. He has worked with organizations on management, productivity and other business topics. These presentations can be in person or virtual. Recently one of his time management sessions were included in a major government project. Similar corporate keynote sessions have been done in major cities Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston along with other places across the country. This can also be provided online virtually through Zoom, Skype, or platforms.   Contact us for custom solutions.