How to Choose the Right SEO Marketing Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles to Speak at Your Company Conference Chris N. West

How to Choose the Right SEO Marketing Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles to Speak at Your Company Conference

Planning a successful company conference takes significant time and effort. One important factor that can enhance the experience for attendees is selecting the right speakers. A reputable digital marketing speaker is one choice that may appeal to many at events focused on technology, innovation, or business strategy. 

Marketing Keynote Speaker in Los Angeles

However, with countless professionals to consider, deciding on the perfect fit can feel overwhelming. This article provides a step-by-step guide to choosing the best digital marketing keynote speaker in Los Angeles who will truly add value and insight to your next conference.

Follow these tips to find a digital marketing pro who will deliver an impactful and engaging presentation for your audience.


Know Your Goals and Objectives

The first step is defining precisely what you want attendees to get out of the digital marketing speaker session. 

Are you looking for strategies on a specific channel like search engine optimization or social media? Do you want inspiration on innovative new approaches? 

Taking the time upfront to identify clear learning objectives will help you evaluate potential speakers and pick one with the right expertise. You may also want to survey your employees to gauge their digital marketing knowledge levels and interests. Choose a speaker who can share the latest digital marketing trends in Los Angeles or wherever you are in the world. 


Research Speaker Options

With the rise of influencers and thought leaders across all niches of digital marketing, your options for potential speakers are vast. 

Begin your search by asking trusted colleagues, vendors, and industry contacts for recommendations. Check social media profiles and websites to get a feel for a speaker’s credentials, specialties, presentation style, and following. 

Many digital marketing agencies and organizations also maintain online directories of available speakers. You can search by location, topics covered, and style of presentation. Reading reviews from past speaking engagements can give valuable insight into a speaker’s abilities.


Evaluate Experience Level

Depending on the knowledge level of your audience, you may want a beginner, intermediate, or advanced-level speaker.

Someone just breaking into the field may bring fresh ideas but lack the credibility that comes with experience implementing strategies. On the other hand, a veteran who’s “seen it all” could fail to engage less seasoned employees. 

Evaluate a speaker’s career history, certifications, and depth of expertise to find the right match for your group. For example, someone with 5+ years doing SEO strategy is likely more appropriate than a new freelancer for a conference of C-level executives.


Assess Public Speaking Skill

Just because someone is a digital marketing expert doesn’t mean they can captivate a roomful of attendees. Watch video clips or read transcripts of a potential speaker in action to assess their stage presence, ability to explain complex topics simply, handling of Q&A sessions, and incorporation of examples, stories, and visuals. 

As someone who speaks on digital marketing trends in Los Angeles, I recognized how engaging delivery is imperative, especially for a longer conference session. You don’t want fumbled words or mumbling to detract from the valuable information being shared. Ask for references who can attest to the speaker’s polished presentation style.


Check Availability and Fees

Even if a speaker suits your needs perfectly, the engagement won’t work if their schedule doesn’t line up with your conference dates. Reach out well in advance, preferably six months or more, to check openings and hold a preferred slot. 

Know that top industry personalities book up quickly. Affordability is also an important factor to consider, though slightly higher fees may be worth it for a true digital marketing rockstar. 

Consult your budget to set an appropriate payment range and don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially if the speaker really wants the exposure of your event.


Red Flags to Watch Out For

There are also some common red flags to watch out for during the selection process that could indicate a digital marketing speaker may not be the right fit. These include:

  • Lack of industry experience (less than 5 years working directly in digital roles)
  • The absence of third-party validation like good reviews or recommendations
  • Inability to provide work samples or tailored presentation content
  • Unclear, disorganized, or surface-level presentation style
  • Unresponsiveness or difficulty customizing to your conference goals
  • Schedule conflicts that won’t allow flexibility around your dates

Being wary of these warning signs helps avoid potential disappointments or mismatches further down the line.


Are You Ready to Find “The One”?

After years of speaking at all kinds of events around the world, I’ve learned what makes for a great conference experience. Taking the time upfront to find a good fit and vet potential speakers properly sets the whole thing up for success.

As a trusted digital marketing keynote speaker in Los Angeles, my goal is to energize and equip audiences with strategies they can start applying right away. My wide range of experiences managing big marketing projects gives me real perspectives to share.

Whether I’m talking about trends, case studies, or breakout sessions, I customize everything specifically for your goals and attendees. People often comment on how I make complex topics easy to understand.

I’d love to partner with you at your next conference. Clients keep coming back because I deliver value. I’ll work with you to create a keynote that focuses on your objectives and gets people pumped about taking new ideas back to work. 

Reach out and let’s chat about crafting the perfect presentation for your event.