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7 Useful Marketing Tools Every Black-Owned Businesses Should Use

Businesses, including black-owned businesses, faced enormous challenges during the pandemic. 

According to Facebook’s US State of Small Business Report, businesses in major-minority communities had worse business outcomes, including a higher closure rate (36% compared to 22%). An H&R Block survey found that the pandemic resulted in at least a 50% drop in revenue for more than half of Black-owned small companies.

If you’re one of the hundreds affected by this huge shift, you may already know it’s probably time to revamp your marketing strategy. 

As someone who had been helping black business owners for years now, I have understood some may feel like it’s been harder to thrive with the marketing world constantly changing. The thing is, once you have the right help, it won’t feel difficult after all. 

New business opportunities are opening every day. You just need to be ready to recognize them. In this article, I’ll share some of the most useful marketing tools you should take advantage of to leg up in the competitive field. 

Challenges Black-Owned Businesses Are Still Facing Today

There is still an inherent stigmatization of minorities, despite how well society thinks it is doing with diversity. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to black business owners. 

They are seeing greater success than ever, but they continue to confront many of the same challenges and new ones that arise as society tries to change its ways. 

In fact, 80% of black entrepreneurs lack the capital to fund their businesses and have used their own without the aid of investments or loans.

Other than funding, racial biases are still an underlying issue. The gap between Black company owners and employed Black Americans is huge and the country is missing out on nine million new jobs and $300 million in earnings. 

Despite the starkness and potential despondency of these figures, there remains hope. You didn’t just walk into success; you fought hard to earn your position in the business world. You understand the value of every dollar you earn, and you have the tools necessary to overcome any challenge.

Top 5 Tools Black-Owned Businesses Should Use

For small businesses particularly black-owned businesses, marketing tools are the great equalizer.

You can actually compete with the “industry giants” if you know how to leverage the best marketing tools out there the right way. 

I hope you’ll find the tools I’ll be sharing below helpful! I personally use and find them really amazing: 

1. AVADA SEO Suite

Many factors can cause your website to load slowly and appear very low in search engine rankings. For instance, your website’s high-quality photographs are too large to load, links are broken, or your social media connections are not enough.

You can solve all of those issues (and others) with the aid of the AVADA Shopify SEO Suite. The program is a complete solution for a website that is optimized because it supports crucial characteristics including structure data, photos, HTML Sitemaps, and meta tags.

 The best part, it’s absolutely FREE. It is one of the best SEO tools out there, you should check it out!

2. MeetEdgar

The social media management tool MeetEdgar is also fantastic.

You can compose posts and easily share up to five important highlights from your uploaded content by using the browser extension. You can arrange your content into several categories and choose the best time to publish stuff from each area.

The tool may also be used to do A/B testing on your posts to determine the language and content that will work best. You can integrate MeetEdgar with your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

3. SpyFu

Use SpyFu to maximize ROI if you currently run Google PPC advertising or intend to do so in 2023. It provides several tools that black marketers can use to get data intelligence about Adword campaigns and improve the performance of those efforts.

It provides pre-built ad templates, makes ad ideas, looks for keywords used by competitors, and does much more for your ads. 


SpyFu’s automated services significantly reduce the amount of time needed to complete all these tasks manually. With the use of its PPC campaign monitor, it is simple to change your approach based on ad intelligence. Less effort, more work done! 

4. MailChimp

Who else equates the best email marketing tool to MailChimp? As one of the top-rated email marketing platforms, this tool should help you greatly. 

With MailChimp, you can create email newsletters quickly and easily—from design and subscriber management to social sharing and analytics tracking—instead of struggling with a cut-and-paste mass email. Its email layouts are user-friendly and incredibly stylish, with lots of integrated pictures and calls to action.

5. Hubspot

You might always be seeing Hubspot on the list of the best marketing tools because it is. 

HubSpot mainly consists of a powerful Customer Relationship Management module within an inbound marketing software package. Its automated features can be useful for B2B organizations that require active lead tracking, nurturing, and conversion.

HubSpot can handle the full workflow, from qualifying leads to setting up meetings and completing deals. 

The tool can assist you in creating a seamless pipeline if you are dealing with MQLs so that you can improve the effectiveness of the sales process.

It also provides tools for the content, operations, and customer service teams.

The Bottom Line

The tools mentioned above are just some of the hundred tools available online that you can use to harness your black business. 

If you’re still overwhelmed by some technicalities of marketing, it’s okay, and don’t worry, help is always available. As one of the recognized black motivational speakers for marketing, you can always reach out to me. 

I and my own company LR Training Solutions are trusted by several global brands, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies for quality digital marketing seminars and corporate training. We can help you achieve measurable results. 

Let’s talk and discuss ideas to ensure the success of your business for years to come. You can also visit my site for more information.