Tourism & Travel Keynote Speaker

Tourism & Travel Keynote Speaker Chris N. West

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Chris is a keynote speaker who has spoken at numerous travel and tourism conferences. He speaks on business growth, marketing, and management. Conferences include the American Bus Association conference and more. See a recent interview on travel marketing.


Top Tourism & Travel Speaker topics 

Top Marketing Trends in the Tourism Industry 

There are so many ways to market your tourism business. Which one should your team choose? This presentation will cover several new ideas many successful businesses in the tourism industry are using to get new customers and retain old customers. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of channels available to us. Timing and being up to date on what’s working can be the key to success. Within this keynote, your audience will be more confident and motivated in implementing their online strategy. Whether they are new to the tourism industry or a seasoned expert, this will help them stand out from competing brands.


Learn how to be found easily by your target audience

Learn how to get the most engagement from your marketing efforts

Learn how to reach your audience with a clear message through multiple channels

Track how potential customers engage online and offline in order to make key decisions

Strategies for Leading, Managing and Working in a Remote Work Environment

Working on remote and virtual teams can be a challenge. As a leader of a remote workforce, you may face problems with working with people who are not in front of you on a daily and weekly basis.  Maintaining productivity, culture, and having team members feel connected is crucial for growth. This motivational session will provide proven strategies that will help members have successful remote teams while improving employee satisfaction.


• Learn how to maintain organization values and culture while leading remotely

• How to maintain productivity through work environment changes.

• Promoting a workplace that is conducive to employee wellbeing

• Evaluating and leveraging technology resources

• Learn the importance of flexibility availability as a remote leader

• Discussing work progress, expectations and priorities

• Working from home tips and strategies

• Learn how to keep team members accountable in order to reach goals

Using Google Analytics 4  to Increase Your Website Traffic

Tracking website visitors from your tourism website is crucial to your success! Google has introduced  Google Analytics 4 which has many advanced features that tell us so much about our potential customers and their online behavior. Unfortunately, marketers who are not ready for this change will no longer be able to benchmark their website performance because your GA3 data does not transfer to GA4. Also, GA4 is vastly different from GA3, so it’s important to understand what’s changed and what to do about it.

The good news is that you still have time to prepare for this transition.

You will learn:

• The differences between GA4 and GA3

• How to prepare for a successful migration

• What mistakes to avoid

• How to make better decisions with your data going forward


Landing Pages That Get Results: What Actually Gets Conversions

Finding out what type of pages convert can be an overwhelming task. Knowing how visitors behave on your site is crucial to your business growth!  Driving traffic to your pages from different sources is just the first step. Wording, formatting, and imagery play a major role! This session will go into detail on what really matters on your web pages.


• Learn what content converts the best on websites
• Learn how to track top-performing pages

• Learn how to use the data to grow online traffic

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is a tourism speaker, business expert, and President of LR Training Solutions. In his former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and various countries including Germany, Canada, and France. He was voted one of the top 50 Black Entrepreneurs for his Black-Owned training company in 2020. Maintaining a consistent record of excellence, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. His book  was named as one of the best digital marketing books of 2020. Chris began his journey early in his career when he was in charge of marketing many sites.