Stuttgart, Germany Speaker Experience

Stuttgart, Germany Speaker Experience

Usually, Chris conducts presentations for audiences in America. In many of his sessions, Chris serves as a keynote speaker, trainer, or session presenter. In this event, Chris had the opportunity to give a presentation to teams across Europe. Some countries in this presentation included France, Germany, and Belgium.

This experience was valuable and allowed Chris is to obtain additional experience and insight into the culture and work life of his audience. Many attendees mentioned how their rules regarding work are different among countries. For example, Chris learned that some places require that employees should not work beyond a certain number of hours during the week. This was interesting because other countries may not have any limits. Chris had the opportunity to work outside his normal realm of digital marketing and social media to further discuss topics dealing with team collaboration across different locations. This is an important topic since many companies have remote teams and are forced to deal with the integration of new technology.

Many attendees reported that they were able to take away key strategies that they can implement within the next week. Chris is very much looking forward to continuing to work with these organizations to provide additional advice and resources.

Chris helps organizations with marketing, social media, and online tools such as office 360 and Google Apps. Review information about his Keynote speaker and trainer sessions for additional information.

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