Google Analytics Consultant in Atlanta, GA

Google Analytics Consultant in Atlanta, GA Chris N. West

Are you in the bustling city of Atlanta, GA, and seeking to harness the potential of Google Analytics 4 for your organization? Look no further, as Chris N. Cheetham-West, a seasoned Google Analytics Consultant in Atlanta, GA, is here to help you unlock the power of this invaluable tool. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Chris is your go-to expert in Atlanta, GA.

Google Analytics 4: Your Path to Growth

In today’s data-driven world, Google Analytics is a vital tool for businesses looking to understand and improve their online presence. Chris specializes in guiding organizations to implement Google Analytics 4 effectively, covering aspects such as e-commerce, audience tracking, and generating insightful reports that matter for your business growth.

Numbers Matter: Leveraging GA4 for Success

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker to inspire your team or in-depth training sessions, Chris has you covered. He offers keynote sessions tailored to your audience’s needs, ensuring that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the GA4 platform.

Recent Interviews and Articles

Chris has been featured in interviews discussing the key aspects of Google Analytics 4, its changes, and the benefits it can offer to businesses. You can catch his insights on Neal Schaffer’s podcast where he delves into the GA4 platform’s nuances and its potential impact on businesses. Additionally, Chris was mentioned in a Google Analytics 4 article on Content Marketing Institute, further attesting to his expertise in the field.

A Mix of Services for Your Needs

Organizations have different requirements when it comes to Google Analytics 4. Some prefer consulting services, while others opt for training or speaker sessions. Chris tailors his services to best suit your organization’s needs. He understands that one size does not fit all, and works with you to determine the best fit for your requirements.

Training Sessions for Mastery

As a Google Analytics 4 consultant, Chris provides comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team becomes experts in GA4. His latest clients have opted for four 2-hour sessions to delve deep into GA4 and its benefits. If your team prefers shorter sessions, options like 1.5 hours or 1-hour sessions are also available. During these sessions, clients often log into their GA4 accounts and work alongside Chris, engaging in practical exercises to reinforce their learning.

Making the Complex Simple

Google Analytics 4 can be a daunting tool to navigate, with a plethora of features that businesses often underutilize. Chris offers speaking services to organizations, ensuring that you not only understand GA4 but also adapt to the ever-evolving landscape. His experience and expertise make complex metrics easy to comprehend for managers and executives.

The Transition to GA4

With Google set to retire Universal Analytics in favor of GA4, it’s crucial to prepare for this transition. Not being ready for this change will hinder your ability to benchmark website performance as GA3 data does not transfer to GA4. Furthermore, GA4 introduces significant differences from its predecessor. But the good news is, you still have time to prepare. Chris’s training sessions are designed to help you understand the changes, migrate successfully, avoid common mistakes, and make better data-driven decisions.

Choose Your Format

Chris offers flexible training formats, both in-person and virtually:

  • Multiple two-hour sessions with a 10-minute break.
  • A comprehensive all-day session with a one-hour break, covering beginner to advanced GA4 topics.
  • A one-hour overview session, highlighting the differences between GA4 and Universal Analytics.

The Expertise of Chris

Chris’s background as a former Google specialist, with experience in Google Analytics and AdWords, makes him uniquely qualified to unravel the intricacies of GA4. He has presented at numerous Google Analytics 4 classes and consulting sessions across various cities, including Atlanta. His deep knowledge and certified expertise in Google Analytics ensure that you receive the best guidance.

Reach Your Goals with Chris

If you’re looking for a Google Analytics Consultant in Atlanta, GA, or need a dynamic speaker or trainer for your organization, Chris N. Cheetham-West is your trusted choice. His experience as a trainer and speaker spans numerous organizations and locations, ensuring you get the best insights.

Learn and Grow with GA4

As Google Analytics 4 becomes an integral part of your online strategy, understanding its major changes early is paramount. Chris’s training programs and consulting services are designed to equip your organization with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage GA4 effectively.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re in Atlanta, GA, or any other location in the USA, you can reach out to Chris for consultation, training, or speaking engagements. Don’t miss the opportunity to master Google Analytics 4 and make data work for you. Contact Chris N. Cheetham-West and embark on your journey towards data-driven success.