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Use Structured Markup

This involves marking web pages with source code to enhance the search engines to find and understand different parts of your content.

This helps you create descriptive content. Not only is it important for search engines but for readers as well. A well-organized content is easy to understand.

For example, if your content talks about affiliate marketing, you organize it like this:

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Types of affiliate marketing
  3. How to conduct affiliate marketing, etc.

When somebody searches any keyword related to the elements of your content, it`ll be easy for the search engines to rank it.

Structured markup boosts search visibility, and high click-through rate, and speeds up indexing.

Site Architecture

Site architecture involves properly organizing websites so users can easily access all options and features. It implies the hierarchy of your website.

Good site architecture makes it easy for search engines to crawl your website pages and index your content.

Prioritize the important pages to enable people to find the essential information first.

You can arrange your website like this:

Home Page About Page Contact Page Blog Page

Page URLs

URL is a short form for a universal resource locator. This is a reference to internet content specifying the location of the particular content.

Organizing your URLs makes it easy for the audience to understand and the search engines to index your content.

Like how you create a proper hierarchy for your web pages, so should you do to your URLs.

An organized URL looks like this:

  1. HTTP is the protocol or scheme used to locate the content.
  2. WWW is the website subdomain
  3. Chrisnwest is the main domain
  4. .com is the domain suffix
  5. Marketing keynote presentations is the path leading to the content page.

When a user sees such a link, they can easily define what it is about and whether it`s what they are looking for.

Here is what to consider in creating SEO-optimized URLs:

  • Remove unnecessary words or characters and make your URL short.
  • Use the content focus keyword
  • Use HTTPS instead of HTTP. The search engines use HTTPS as a positive ranking factor. Websites that use HTTP are marked as unsafe, which can make users ignore them and deny you traffic and conversions.

There is nothing to lose in hiring an SEO speaker to guide you and your team. Your online marketing efforts will be strengthened and your income will increase.

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Internal Linking

This is the process of connecting one page to the other on a website. It is done by hyperlinking pages with relevant content.

For example, content that talks about SEO marketing can be connected with one about how to do keyword research.

Linking SEO content to car hire content doesn`t help. Instead, you will annoy your readers and make them ignore your content.

The importance of internal linking is that it enables easy navigation. Users can easily find related resources through the internal links; therefore, keeping them longer on your website.

When people stay for long on your website, it signalizes to the search engines that you create useful content. This makes search engines index and rank content.

Enhance Your Site Mobile Responsiveness

Many people research the internet on their smartphones. Making your website mobile responsive makes it accessible on mobile phones, which increases traffic.

To enhance mobile responsiveness, choose website hosting services, theme and site design, and content layout that`s readable and browsable on smartphones.

You can measure your mobile responsiveness by using Google`s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Site Speed

No matter how valuable your content is, if it loads slowly, no one will read it. Page speed is an SEO core factor.

People skip slow websites, making them lose traffic. When a website has low traffic, the search engines regard it as low quality and don`t rank it.

Some of the factors that cause low page speed are as follows:

  • Too large images
  • Not using the caching techniques
  • Unclean code
  • Too many ads
  • Poor hosting service

You can use Google`s Page Speed Insights tool to check your website page speed.

To get good guidance on enhancing websites` speed, find an internet marketing specialist.

Chris is a reliable SEO speaker who has led major enterprise search engine optimization training in the US and other countries around the world.

Having him as your marketing keynote speaker will elevate your business. Reach out and get world-class training.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to technical measures taken to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index websites.

It ensures your website is navigable and free from technical problems that may prevent the search engines from crawling, indexing, and ranking it.

Here are the technical procedures to optimize your website:

Site Crawlability

Crawlability refers to having the search engine bots access a website and fetch the web page data and index it.

Here are factors influencing sites to be crawled:

XML Site Map

This is a file that lists all pages and content URLs to be indexed on a website. This makes it easy for the search engines to find your URLs in one place, which makes indexing easy.

Creating an XML site map can be intimidating if you don`t have a web development background. However, there are websites that provide site map generating services you can use:

  • TechnicalSEO by Merkle
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Yoast
  • Rank Math

These websites provide step-by-step guides on how to create sitemaps.

After creating your sitemap, submit it to the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. This enables search engines to crawl your content.

Whenever you add or remove content, update your sitemap to help new content rank faster and prevent broken links.

Work on Your Crawl Budget

This refers to the number of pages the search engines crawl your site daily. To increase the number of pages crawled, optimize your all most important pages.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Replace or remove duplicate pages.
  • Remove or redirect broken links.
  • Ensure your CSS and Javascript can be crawled.
  • Analyze your crawl stats regularly and in case of a decrease, find the problem and fix it.
  • Remove outdated content to give more exposure to new content.

Utilize robots.txt.

Robot.txt. also known as Robot Exclusion Protocol is a text file webmasters built to allow or prevent search engines from crawling and indexing some of your pages or content.

If you have pages or content that you don`t want to rank, you can use robot.txt. files to disallow search engine spiders from finding it.

Examples of pages that you may not want to rank are:

  • Landing pages for ads
  • Admin pages
  • Thank-you pages
  • Duplicate pages

Creating robot.txt files is not a complicated process, but if you don`t have the knowledge, it can be overwhelming.

A solution is hiring an expert SEO speaker for your marketing events. Find a reliable marketing keynote speaker like Chris.

Chris is a Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, and businessman. He helps teams lead remote teams and reach bigger audiences. Reach out and organize training that fits your time.

Include Breadcrumb Menus

Breadcrumb menus refer to item list pages consisting of chains of linked pages described by their URL and name.

These menus are mainly used on large eCommerce websites. They are used to hierarchically arrange content pages to make it easy for users to navigate.

Breadcrumb menus are used as secondary navigation menus. Primary navigation menus are the ones that appear on top of a website e.g. the home, about, blog, etc.

Not only do breadcrumb menus help people navigate through your website products, but they enable search engines to easily crawl your site, too.

Breadcrumbs should be visible for users to navigate through the products back and forth without using the back button. They must also be structured with markup language to enable the search engines to crawl and index the content.

West Elm is a good example of a website that uses breadcrumb menus:

This picture shows how to organize a site with breadcrumb menus.

This is not huge work, but if you don`t have the knowledge, you can be overwhelmed. Chris has great knowledge of internet marketing. If you hire him as your marketing keynote speaker, he can help you scale your business.

Use Pagination

This is the process of splitting website content into different pages. Users can move between the pages by clicking links that are mainly in form of numbers.

For example, if you have series content that you want to break into pages or chapters, pagination can help you.

Pagination uses code that signalizes the search engines how the pages are related. This makes it one of the best ways to make your website indexed.

These are some of the benefits you can get from hiring an SEO speaker for your marketing team.

Chris has handled many small and huge organizations and helped them grow. Get in touch and let this be your chance to skyrocket your business.

Analyze Your SEO Log Files

Web servers record and save data about every action search engines take on your website. The data is stored in log files.

Log files are computer-generated files containing information about activities, usage patterns, and operations within a server, operating system, software, and so on.

The data that log files record include the content requested, the requesting IP address, and time and request date. The user can also be identified through the specific identifiable software that fulfills their request, which can be a search bot.

To determine who crawled, if, when, and what was crawled, check your log files by filtering by the user agent and the search engine.

This information is helpful to let you know how often the search engines crawl your site and the hindrances they face in accessing and indexing your site. Log files make it easy for you to fix any website mistake.

To conduct an SEO log files analysis, use log file analyzers like:

  • Screaming Frog File Analyser
  • Jet
  • Octopus
  • Oncrawl Log Analyzer
  • SEMrush Log File Analyzer
  • Google Search Console Crawl Stats

This information can sound jargon to you if you are not familiar with SEO. There are SEO speakers who can explain it to you in an understandable language.

Chris is one of the sought-after online marketing experts, who leads various enterprise search engine optimization training around the globe. Hire him and end your SEO marketing struggles.


This refers to the ability of a site to be indexed. There are several elements contributing to site indexability. Let`s go through them.

Enable Search Bots to Access Your Website

You need to prioritize the pages you want search engines to index. To enable this, use the XML sitemap to store your files so that they can be accessible. You can list the ones you don`t want to be indexed in robots.txt to give more room for the prioritized content to be indexed.

Should there be pages that you wrongly blocked, you can use Google’s robots.txt tester to check them. Also, use the Google search console to determine why they were blocked and unlist them from the robots.txt.

Remove or Canonicalize Duplicate Content

Publishing the same piece of content on a website makes it hard for search engines to decide which one to rank.

It can also be considered a way of trying to rank unethically. This makes sites to be penalized and no longer ranked or completely removed from the search engines` indexes.

To be safe, utilize canonical URLs to identify the pages you prefer to be indexed. Canonical URL refers to the best URL of a page representing a group of duplicate pages.

When you create a canonical URL, Google considers that URL the one to be crawled regularly.

Inspect Your Redirects

Analyze and properly set all your redirect links. You shouldn`t have irrelevant or broken URLs. Don`t link an SEO site with a car-hire website. Car-hire customers have nothing to do with SEO. Such an audience won`t read your content and you`ll suffer traffic.

When you don`t get traffic, the search engines regard your site as less valuable, and they won`t rank it.

Site Renderability

This is a process whereby the search engines crawl your website and assess your content to understand your site structure.

The elements contributing to site renderability include:

Server Performance Errors

Server-performance errors block users and search engine bots from accessing your site. When this problem is not resolved in good time, a website can be removed from search engine indexes. Providing inaccessible sites to online users spoils the reputation of search engines.

Websites with this problem will usually display a 500 internal server error.

Here is how you can resolve it:

  • Use the WP Debugging plugin to identify the problem
  • Deactivate the plugins or themes causing the error
  • Ensure to correctly configure your PHP
  • Check if your site’s .htaccess file is properly structured
  • Ensure to correctly install your new software

If all that doesn`t work, ask your server administrator for help.


This is a text-based programing language that helps websites to be interactive.

The difference between HTML and CSS, and Javascript is that HTML and CSS are computer languages giving organized structure and style to web pages while Javascript gives websites an interactive element for user engagement.

You can experience an example of javascript elements when refreshing your Facebook newsfeed or the search box on Amazon.

Chris is an internet marketing keynote speaker with experience working with Google Company. He can guide you on the best practices to improve Javascript usage for Google search.

Avoid Orphan Pages

An orphan page is a webpage that is not linked to any other resource on the website. Webpages should be linked to one or more relevant pages on a site.

Linking pages helps the search engines understand the context of web pages and easily index them.

Besides, when pages are internally linked, users can easily navigate using the links. This makes people stay on a website for long, a factor for which search engines index and rank websites.

Page Depth

This refers to a number of layers existing down a page on a site structure. An example is how many clicks it is away from your product page for a user to find a particular product.

Keep your important pages shallow in your site structure so that users can easily find them.

Placing your important pages deep down the page layers makes it inaccessible for people and search bots. That leads to a bad user experience and low traffic.

A good example is SEMrush. It displays its products right at the top of the website, so you can easily find the products.

Here is an example of a website with a bad page depth: Your Website lists its product page at the bottom.

Redirect Chains

This occurs when there are multiple URLs directing to a particular destination. For example, the first URL directs to a second one, which then redirects to the third one that can take you to the final destination.

This can results in lowering page load time, slowing down crawling, and making your site inaccessible if the redirects aren`t correctly set up.

Properly setting redirect chains doesn`t require technical expertise, but to do it better, you need someone to train you.

Chris is a Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, and businessman. He helps teams lead remote teams and reach bigger audiences. Hiring him to train your team will make your marketing results soar.

Site Rankability

These are practices determining the capability of a site to rank.

Here are the things you should consider:

Internal and External Linking

Links give search engines the context for which to rank a page. They determine the search queries relevant to the pages linked.

Linking guides people to related content, and improves your site rankability and traffic.

Quality of Backlinks

Backlinks signalize search engines about the importance of web pages. When you have many backlinks, it indicates that your website is valuable.

However, you should ensure to get backlinks from relevant sites with authority.

Get backlinks from old domains with many backlinks and much traffic. These links contribute to people finding your site and search engines ranking it.

There are several ways to get backlinks, such as claiming unlinked mentions, creating valuable content that makes people link, and sending outreach to relevant publications.

All these are things that every marketer has to learn. Chris offers comprehensive enterprise search engine optimization training to small and big businesses. Hire him and he`ll show you the way to online marketing success.

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