What is bounce rate in Google Analytics? Chris N. West

What is bounce rate in Google Analytics?

What is the bounce rate in google analytics? 

Bounce rate will tell you if your site is engaging!  It is the percentage of times people leave your site without going to other pages. Let’s say you have a bounce of 95%. This likely means that your home page is not welcoming enough to get people to click on other pages on your site. Maybe you have an ad running and you lead visitors to a page where they cannot find the product.

The lower the bounce rate the better. Make sure your site helps people understand what you offer. These days people only give you so much time to capture their attention. Right when you get to a site you should find what you are looking for. 

The content you post online should lead people to an engaging webpage.  Posting content to the right audience will increase the chances of people actually going through your site.


Think about these things next time you make site updates!

Chis N. West is certified in Google Analytics. He is a Google speaker and trainer to businesses on advance techniques using the tool.