Useful Tips to Improve Your Website Usability and Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts Chris N. West

Useful Tips to Improve Your Website Usability and Boost Your Digital Marketing Efforts

website improvement services

Even when you provide quality products or services, if users can`t easily navigate through your website, you won`t make profits.

The more you make it easy for people to find what they want on your website, the more they stay and increase the chances of making purchases.

People can`t trust a website that isn`t user-friendly. This can make you lose traffic to your competitors, considering the many websites there are vying for attention online.

website improvement services

To avoid that, your website should not

  • Load slowly
  • Be mobile irresponsive
  • Use difficult vocabulary
  • Have 404 errors
  • Have unscannable content

Not only do these elements hinder people from accessing your website but also search engines from indexing it. They also keep websites from appearing on relevant searches; therefore, dropping organic search rank.

What`s the solution, then? This content explains how you can make your website user-friendly and attract more clients.


Ensure Your Website Loads Fast

Unless they can`t find the information they want on other websites, readers can`t stay on a website that loads slowly.

That increases the bounce rate, which lowers website traffic and reduces your rank on the search results.

In fact, according to Google, a website that takes three or more seconds to load increases the chances of a bounce rate by 32%. That means to increase the potential of people staying on your website, the loading speed should be 1 to 2.5 seconds.

To confirm your website speed, use a tool like Page Speed Insights.

It will reveal your site speed both on desktop and mobile and analyze it for any mistakes you should correct so it loads faster.

Some of the issues that can reduce a website’s speed are

  • Too many redirects
  • Large images
  • Errors in the CSS or HTML code
  • Poor hosting

Though it`s not complicated to correct these issues, if you are not skilled, it can be impossible.

A digital marketing keynote speaker can help you find and correct these errors easily, and Chris Cheetham West is the best choice. He is a former Google employee who knows the ins and outs of digital marketing.

Book your training today and he`ll help you reap the best from your marketing efforts.

Use Simple Relevant Language

It`s through your website content that people will relate your products or services to their needs, but that`s only possible if you use language they understand.

Therefore, align the language you use with your audience`s persona. For example, if you provide services to lawyers, you should use formal language.

If you want to appeal to people with mixed educational levels, avoid jargonized (difficult) vocabulary and use informal language.

Here are sentence examples of informal and formal language:

Formal: It`s unfathomable why you did not attend the meeting.

Informal: I don`t understand why you didn`t attend the meeting.

You can know and use your audience’s voice in your content by doing competitor research. This involves checking your relevant businesses’ social media platforms.

You will see the language people use talking about the products or services related to yours. That will give you insights into how you can utilize the same language in your content

To learn more about how to do audience persona research and create attention-grabbing content, hiring a digital marketing keynote speaker would be a great solution. It will fasten your learning process than researching random articles where you can get inaccurate information.

Chris Cheetham West can help with that. He has helped many organizations in different countries and you won`t regret hiring him.

Prioritize Your Company`s Important Information

People make searches for purposes, and it`s easy to convert them if they can get the solution to their problems on your site without struggling.

That`s why you should put your important information on top of your website.

Website important information implies the services or products your business offers and how they are helpful to the audience.

Not only should you state what your business stands for, but also create an intriguing call to action.

That`s how, apart from benefiting from your content, people can know what to do next, which can be buying your goods or services or subscribing to your email list.

Here is an example of how Chris N. West makes it easy for clients to see what it offers without the user scrolling:

Chris N West Training Services

Then it includes and “get started” button to encourage people to purchase the services they offer.

It`s time to audit your online website and set it for success. You can learn to do this by hiring digital marketing keynote speakers. These are people who have a vast knowledge of this topic and can help you achieve your marketing goals.

That`s when Chris Cheethem West helps. He is an SEO keynote speaker that can hold your hand through your online marketing journey.

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Include Original Photos of Your Staff and Products

A website represents your company online. It will, therefore, look authentic if you include original photos of your staff and products.

This makes you stand out and enables the audience to relate to your content and increase trust in your business.

Using stock photos, instead, makes your company look generic and untrustworthy, making it easy to lose clients.

That`s because stock photos are easy to access and can appear on many websites, even those that are scam ones. Imagine seeing the same pictures of staff on more than one website, would you trust such websites? Absolutely no.

Therefore, include your staff’s images on your website’s about us page, and add unique product photos to your content.

See how Goodwin and Goodwin do it on their about us page.

Do not let such small mistakes make you lose conversions. Hire a digital marketing keynote speaker to train you on how to optimize your website with authentic photos and attract clients.

Include Genuine Testimonials

Nobody wants to spend their money on untrustworthy websites. To build credibility, include positive testimonials.

If prospects find that people with challenges like theirs got solutions from your business, they can confidently purchase what you sell.

However, ensure to include genuine testimonials. Fake reviews are easily identifiable and reduce the audience`s trust in your business. Fake reviews include incomplete customer profiles and shallow content.

Here is what shallow content looks like:

  • great products
  • nice service
  • awesome
  • I loved your services

Genuine reviews should be in-depth and include a link to a detailed user profile. This enables your clients to confirm if your testimonials are from real or dummy customers.

For instance, if you are an SEO marketing keynote speaker, your reviews should show what the user was struggling with and how you helped them.

Here is an example of a company that Chris Cheetham-West helped. They were struggling to find traffic for their websites.

That`s the importance of hiring digital marketing keynote speakers; they help spot your mistakes so you can quickly correct them instead of spending a lot of time researching.

Take Action

If you want to attract clients to your website, don`t only create quality products or services. Also make your website navigable to make it easy for people to see and access what you sell.

That involves making sure your website loads fast and prioritizing the information about what your business offers, which should include a call to action.

Original photos of people help engage the audience and increase trust, making them connect with your business. So, ensure to include pictures of your staff.

That also applies to product photos; ensure to add original ones, too. That`s how you can differentiate your business from those who use stock photos, and look more trustworthy.

To build credibility, include video or text positive testimonials from genuine clients.

Audit your website usability now, and you will see increased traffic and sales.

If optimizing your website for these features sounds overwhelming, don`t worry. You can hire Chris Cheetham-West, a digital marketing SEO speaker to show you how.