The Best Times To Reach Your Audience. Chris N. West

The Best Times To Reach Your Audience.



Reaching your audience at the right time can be the deciding factor in the event that they see your product offering. Knowing this will lead to results, whether you are attempting to contact them through email, social media, advertising, or other channels.picture1

What Are They Currently Doing?

One option is to consider about what your audience is doing at the moment. Usually, it’s good to reach them at their down time when they are not busy at work or other activities. If it’s a holiday or Friday evening, chances are they are probably busy with social activities. Sometimes this can depend on the channel you choose and your target audience.

Apply Audience Info to Other Channels

Let’s think about reaching customers through email.

Here is a list of co-schedule on the top times to send an email to customers:


As you can see many of the times have to do with what individuals are doing at any given moment. ” 8pm because people check email before going to sleep.” Knowing this can also help you with other ideas. Maybe this also means they check other things like social media accounts before they go to sleep. This is the reason it’s essential to measure your target audience and their activities. When people are at work, they may not be able to check their personal email or online platforms. I follow some technology and personal development blogs and many times I get emails Sunday or Saturday morning. Most likely they measured their open rates by testing over a prepared of time before deciding on a time to send.

Being Consistent

Not only is timing important, but consistency is as well. Once you know the habits of your audience, at that point you can reliably contact them at those circumstances. For example, a seminar attendee once told me that her team sends a sales newsletter once a week on Wednesday. At one point she said they went on a break from the newsletter for two weeks to strategize. The following Thursday many subscribers sent messages asking about the missed webinar. This gives you an idea of how people may be looking out for your content, even if they do not actively let you know this.

What times do you usually reach your audience?