Tips from a search engine optimization company in Houston Texas Chris N. West

Tips from a search engine optimization company in Houston Texas

Why Your SEO Efforts Aren’t Working 

“I feel that my SEO efforts aren’t working” “SEO doesn’t give value to my business.”

I’ve heard these phrases many times. Some marketers give up after months of no traffic, sales, or lead improvement. They blame themselves for not having enough skills or that they might have hired the wrong SEO company to help them.

Unfortunately, your speculations are partly true. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up doing SEO. A neutral or negative return on investment shouldn’t be a dead end. Above everything, it is best to remember that SEO is a discipline. You won’t get ahead of the game overnight by tweaking some details on your site or content.

Search engine optimization for businesses or organizations requires more time and attention than paid marketing or direct methods. Your efforts aren’t worthless. You just have to continue doing it.

If you’re wondering about the technical reasons why your SEO campaign fails, keep reading. I’ve shared some below that can help you determine what to change to reap the benefits of this marketing strategy finally.

How Long Does It Take to See SEO results?

Before we go down to the reasons, you might also wonder, “How long does SEO take to work?”

It’s easy to say, “It depends.” – vague, but it’s really the answer. There isn’t an exact number of months or years before you can see the results you’ve been wanting. Variations in the approach, keywords used, quality of backlinks, level of competition, etc., can be factored into why you see an ROI immediately or why it will take a long to produce results.

But to give you some concrete and evidence-backed-up answer, you can see significant results between 6-12 months. It depends on the work that needs to be done. Some websites are completely unoptimized and might take longer.

However, the timeframe shouldn’t discourage you. I have been doing it for years now, and I was able to help companies see actual results. It’s just a long-term strategy – an ongoing process that requires a lot of patience.

SEO does work, and you’d see its full potential if you just give your best to explore it.

7 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Doesn’t Work

We all want our marketing efforts to work. SEO is no different.

On many levels, it is an investment. Knowing where to address barriers or what can derail a strategy before it begins or while underway can help open opportunities for achieving marketing and business objectives.

Now, what are the reasons an SEO campaign fails? See if anything below rings a bell.

1- Outdated SEO strategy

Here’s the simplest explanation for a poor-performing campaign: Your SEO strategy is outdated and doesn’t follow the current trends.

Over time, the market has undergone a significant transformation. Rethink everything if you’re still working with an SEO marketer that uses an outdated strategy, OR worse, didn’t present a strategy! Make sure to partner with a company that can help you create a new and effective SEO strategy WITH realistic goals.

2- Wrong targeting

Before starting any SEO campaign, you must determine which keywords are most sought after and fit your business best.

Even if you could offer your services anywhere in the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would be the best initial focus. Find a way to differentiate yourself from your rivals in a small market by differentiating your branding, marketing, and company – then cast a wider net!

You will also lose out on effective avenues of reaching out to your customers if you don’t perform extensive research into who they are and how they discover solutions to their problems. So, target the right audience and use the right keywords.

3- Cheap hosting

Cheap hosting is incredibly cheap for a reason—and it has nothing to do with the fact that they buy high-end hardware. An unstable hosting environment exposes your company to a wide range of issues you don’t want to deal with. It might kill your website’s search engine ranking.

The best decision for your business website will be picking the appropriate web host and investing in a reputable service. Be sure to compare the top web hosts on the market.

4- Poor content

One of the reasons why your website may not be ranking on search engine page results or SERPs is that you are producing poor content. The target audience’s viewership percentage affects how many people visit your website.

Always remember that people who use the Internet will only visit and browse your website if it has worthwhile reading and consuming material. So, make sure you are only publishing quality material.

5- Outdated and unresponsive website

If your website isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly yet, why?

A mobile-responsive website is one of the essential items to an SEO checklist. You are losing out on a lot of traffic if people can’t access your website on mobile devices or if it loads very slowly.

To find out how long it takes for your website to load, visit Google’s PageSpeed Insights and input your website address. While making an effort to make your site look attractive to your audience, consider how it should be helpful to them also.

6- Not tracking conversions

If you are unsure that you’re getting sales leads, it’s time to add more tracking features to your website, such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics offers comprehensive statistics about the volume and origins of visits to your website, tracks conversions, and tracks sales. If you skip this crucial stage, you risk missing out on prospects for higher traffic and rankings. Google analytics and search engine optimization comes hand in hand.

7- You hired an SEO company based primarily on price

Best advice you will get from here, stop looking for cheap SEO companies or select an agency to market your business based just on pricing.

Instead, team up with a business or an SEO professional that will assist you in developing an all-encompassing SEO strategy and user-friendly website. Consider providing long-term value, offering wonderful experiences, establishing your brand, and producing excellent content when selecting the digital agency that will assist you with SEO.

Although they may not be the cheapest, the best SEO agency that will provide you with the highest chance of success with your SEO will be well worth the cost.

SEO Wrap Up

Your SEO effort could fail for several different reasons. The seven mentioned above are the most common, nevertheless.

After making sure you have looked into each of them, you can continue investigating any more factors that might be contributing to the failure of your SEO campaign.

If you can manage SEO in addition to your primary work, doing it all on your own is terrific, if not amazing. But as we are all aware, SEO is constantly evolving.

A few months ago, Google valued analytics data as a ranking component. However, after the release of Penguin 2.0, fresh winds began to blow, and branding came to the fore.

It takes time to study and keep up with all the changes and put them into practice. Do you have the patience and time to handle SEO on your own?

If you’re a business owner or an organization wanting to maximize search engine optimization in Texas, reach out today, and let me help you! I am a trusted SEO speaker and marketer for years now. Let’s work together and make it to the top.