Create High-Converting Landing Page Chris N. West

Create High-Converting Landing Page

How to Create High-Converting Landing Pages?

You dream of getting tons of leads for your business, but your landing page looks like one built from the ’80s. Guilty?

We’ve all been there. What you think is appealing before to your audience might not work its magic at present. The market is evolving. Making the buttons “bigger” says your colleague isn’t much helpful this time. 

Now, what should you do? Should you just sit down and let your competitors get customers that could have been yours?

It’s time for a change. Remember, your landing page yields the highest conversion rate. It’s not the new ads you set up but how well you make the “first impression” to your audience – all through your landing page. Your goal should be how to create winning landing pages. 

Now, if things get overwhelming, I am here to help. I am Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA, an author, and an international digital marketing speaker for better landing pages. We can work together to determine which aspect of your landing page works and which doesn’t. 

I also put up this article to help you understand why your business absolutely needs a landing page, how it helps increase conversion, and finally, how to create one that guarantees results. 

Why do Businesses Need Landing Pages?

 “I already have my website, what’s the landing page for?” you might wonder. Your site’s buttons and web pages serve different goals and simply encourage exploration. If your goal is to get conversions for a specific program, you ran ads and just sent traffic to your site’s homepage, it is becoming impossible to get the desired results. 

Focus – this makes landing pages your best option to convey your message better and get your audience to act upon the message they received. Landing pages typically have one to three buttons called Call to Action (CTA), which can all lead to the campaign you want to focus on. 

Simply put, landing pages give the highest conversion rate. You can create targeted content for your audience, and it’s easier to track actionable data. 

Now it’s best to remember that how you present your information has a big impact on how people perceive it. Lead conversion relies on logic, structure, language, and graphics, among other factors. 

Therefore, you should consider this when creating a landing page or when you hire someone to make it for you. Ultimately, if you want to make the most of your landing pages, you must have one and make sure it is designed to convert. 

5 Ways to Create High-Converting Landing Pages

Most of your new leads will come from landing pages, so paying close attention to them is necessary. With the numerous changes, additions, and variations you could make, there is no reason why you can’t build a landing page that converts well.

You’ll be on your way to creating more high-performing landing pages if you follow and test the recommendations I will have below. You’re not alone in this journey, though. If you need further advice, I’ll be here as your resource. 

Keep the design clean and simple

The number one reason why many landing pages fail is there’s too much going on. Designing a landing page should be done with consideration for the user’s time. 

You can use content more effectively if you create a landing page that is easy to read and understand since you won’t be compelled to jam a loud call-to-action button awkwardly into a busy area.

On your landing pages, make an investment in generating attractive CTA buttons. Mobile users need to be considered as well. Your landing pages must be mobile-friendly since more people surf their phones.

Remember that your landing page should always be designed with conversion in mind. This means getting rid of anything that can distract them from your offer.

Make it easy to find your product’s information

Visitors glance at a landing page for only a few seconds before deciding whether it is relevant and valuable. They will leave your page if they can’t locate what they’re looking for or if it has usability or functional issues.

Keep in mind that potential buyers may not only not be converted by a dull or uninteresting description, but they may also completely stop reading it. However, a compelling and engaging description can increase conversions and increase purchases.

In other words, a landing page’s information must be written appropriately. It must successfully persuade readers and ultimately result in successful conversions.

Speak to your target audience

The user’s benefit is the second key to a landing page that converts well. Visitors scan your landing page in search of something that will cause them to pause, read, and take in your content. Showing customers what they stand to gain rather than merely discussing the product is one efficient approach to accomplish this.

Also, keep clarity in mind when you outline the advantages of your product. Explicitly describe how your product can address the user’s issue. However, say it in as few words as you can.

MarketingProfs says landing pages with more than 800 words have a 33% lower conversion rate than sites with less than 200 words. Using bullet points is an excellent approach to keep benefits clear and straightforward for the consumer to understand. 

Bonus tip, you can also include social proof, such as testimonials or reviews, to help establish credibility and trust for your brand – the audience loves it!

Use SEO to drive traffic

It is simply pointless if your target audience cannot locate your landing page. People frequently use a few pertinent keywords to begin their search on Google or Bing while looking for products or services to use. 

One strategy to raise your page’s organic rank is to choose those keywords and concentrate on using them in your landing page’s URL, title, and copy. More people will visit your page from popular search engines if your page ranks higher.

Aside from helping businesses create better landing pages, I am also an SEO speaker/consultant you can always contact if you need help in this matter. I’d be glad to share what I know to your team to ensure you only get the best results in your marketing efforts.

Measure and test 

When building a landing page, it may take some time to determine which landing pages work best for your target audience. This is where split testing or A/B testing is useful.

By doing this, you can determine which page has the highest engagement, the lowest bounce rate, and the most conversions. In other words, increasing your landing page conversion rates requires trial and error.

Understanding your landing page split tests’ results makes it easier to create better and more effective landing pages.

Start Creating High-Quality Landing Pages Today

While there are many factors to consider when developing a high-converting landing page, using these five suggestions as a guide might help.

Naturally, every business is unique, so what works for one organization might not work for another. To find the best formula for you, it’s crucial to continuously test and modify your pages.

I would love to assist you if you need additional information on creating successful, high-quality landing pages. I am a digital marketing speaker and a landing page expert you can always consult in this field. Save time and money by using the best tools online. 

Reach out today or go through the training programs on my site to see how we can work together to achieve your business goals!