3 Top Metrics in Google Analytics Chris N. West

3 Top Metrics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be an overwhelming tool to use and get familiar with. One of the main reasons behind this is because there are simply so many features geared towards various teams.

These are a couple of key metrics to focus on:

1) Bounce Rate – A bounce rate is the percentage of times people leave your
site after seeing only one page. Remember, the lower the bounce rate the better you’re performing.

2) Avg. Session Duration – The average session duration helps identify how
long a user is actively on your site.
This duration is helpful for learning if your message is getting across to your customers clearly.

3) Pages/Session – The pages/session will inform you if people find your site
interesting enough to go through several pages.
Whatever you do, just make sure that you remember that numbers are
dependent on the type of website you have as well as the goals of your

Chris N. West is certified as a Google Analytics speaker. He has since worked
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Google Analytics 4 and the future of Data  Google will soon retire Universal Analytics and replace it with Google Analytics 4. So, get to know the platform now so you can be ready for the transition.
Unfortunately, marketers who are not ready for this change will no longer be able to benchmark their website performance because your GA3 data does not transfer to GA4. Also, GA4 is vastly different from GA3, so it’s important to understand what’s changed and what to do about it.
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