Opening Collegiate Marketing Keynote Speaker on future trends.

Opening Collegiate Marketing Keynote Speaker on future trends. Chris N. West

Recently, Chris was presented with the opportunity to be the opening keynote speaker for a NIRSA and ACUI event. This event was a great learning experience and many of the attendees were excited to attend. During this event, Chris met professionals who work in different universities. I discussed future marketing trends for their organization.

With his attendees, he discussed topics such as creating moments for your audience through the use of tools such as Google Trends and Google Analytics for key research.  He was able to relate with many of his audience members who have worked in roles as Marketing Managers. In the future, Chris aspires to continue to work with more colleges and universities to help them expand their marketing campaigns.

Some of the tips Chris has suggested have already been implemented in many other organizations within Higher Education.

Chris has been requested to speak on many topics including Google Analytics and Marketing Trends.