Online Advertising Tips for Organizations

Online Advertising Tips for Organizations Chris N. West

Choose the Right Banner Sizes

The sizes of your advertisements play an important role in the success of your campaign. If the advertisement is too small the customer is less likely to notice it, but if it’s too large or noisy the visitor will be annoyed and likely will not come back to your site. Below are some common banner sizes:

  • Expandable (970 x 160) – This size is useful because it is an expandable advertisement meaning once you scroll over the ad it will get larger. The visitor will then have a chance to click on it for more info.
  • 300×250 – This ad is a great size for any website. Usually, this size goes on the right-hand side of the website. Many companies use two of these ads to fill up space placing one at the top right and another at the bottom right.
  • 145×145- This is a good size for email newsletters that you would like to put advertising in. Another way sites may use this size is to place multiple small boxes with different ads or affiliate links. Banner advertising is the most common type of online advertising.

File Format and Colors

Be sure to pay attention to the different colors people respond to. If you notice the most popular websites on the web are all light colors (white, blue). Color can determine how a person feels emotionally when they see the color.

  • Keep File Sizes Small– Some browsers may have difficulty showing advertisements with large file formats.
  • Types of Files .JPG .PNG .GIF
  • Not Supported – Flash formats are not supported across the board so this type is not recommended.
  • Colors – A good contrast between colors works well in advertisements. Light colors are always better to use then dark colors such as black, or brown. These colors are known to be less welcoming.

Key Elements

These are the Key Elements an effective ad should include.

  • Text Message – The content or wording in ads lets people understand the key information about your message.
  • Image or Drawing– Some type of image helps ads stand out versus ads with only text.
    • Use quality photos
    • Logos can be used in a small part of the ad
    • Stock Photos are a good idea as well
  • Animation
    • Perform Better than static ads as they are visually appealing
    • Grab the Attention of the viewer by using motion
  • Interaction
    • Easy to understand if people have to participate in the ad.
    • No Longer than 15 Sec to keep the user’s attention


Below are some key tools that can be used in order to start or maintain your ad campaigns, some of these tools even offer strategies in creating good ads.

  • Double Click
  • Ad Networks
  • AdSense
  • Buy Sell Ads
  • Social Media
  • Affiliates