Leading Remote Teams Training

Leading Remote Teams Training Chris N. West

Leading in a Virtual World: Lead Remote Teams, Boost Productivity, and Master Virtual Collaboration

The world is going virtual! The sudden increase in remote workers and hybrid work environments means it’s even more important to understand how to connect from a distance. Team members are realizing how vital working from home can be to their health, happiness, and career. You can adapt and excel, too.

  • Learn how to effectively work and lead from home while building trust
  • Understand what can lead to the greatest flourishing for you and your team
  • Learn key strategies to collaborate with team members in different cities and countries
  • Find new ways to avoid distractions and focus on your goals in the home setting

Hear from experienced people who have succeeded in this new virtual environment. In this book, business owners and people who are a part of global teams share what works for them. We discuss the metaverse and emerging technology that can change the practice of teamwork. After reading this book, you will be motivated to lead remotely and take advantage of future trends in remote work.

Chris wrote what some say is one of the best books on managing remote teams.


Chris can work as an in person or virtual workshops speaker for many of his topics

virtual teamwork speakers can be helpful for many organizations that want to have events but are not wanting to do in person conferences. 
Understanding working with remote teams best practices early on can prevent issues such as burnout and collaboration challenges
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