Google Analytics Expert Chris | Certified specialist | GA4 Consultant

Google Analytics Expert Chris | Certified specialist | GA4 Consultant Chris N. West

Need a Google Analytics Expert to train or help with the migration of this tool? Contact to consult with or hire  Google Analytics Expert Chris for questions or services. As a google analytics consultant, Chris regularly speaks and provides training on the tool. Recent GA4 presentation to AMA and CMI – His book covers tips on analytics and other strategies that can help organizations become great online! Understanding this Google platform can help many teams within an organization.

This blog contains useful information involving Google analytics, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and many more topics for growth. This site is useful whether you are an expert.  beginner!, or advanced user.   It will let you know what is needed to succeed online! Google analytics can be a complicated tool to use for your business. Understanding the reporting in this tool is useful whether you hire a Google Analytics expert or have an in-house marketing team.

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Chris is a Google Analytics 4 Speaker  & Expert based in Houston, Texas who presents on social media and expert digital topics to corporations.

You don’t have to be an expert to use Google Analytics 4. The tool is meant for small or large organizations that want to know exactly what visitors are doing. The key is to understand what Google analytics report matters for your specific business.

Some of the expert Google Analytics 4 topics are below:

  • Google Marketing Platform updates
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Google Analytics Metrics
  • Automating Data
  • Segments
  • Filtering data
  • Event Tracking
  • Real-Time Google Analytics
  • Location Analytics
  • Expert Dashboard tips
  • Google Analytics 4 tips
  • Behavior Reports in Analytics

Google Analytics also offerers insight into making your site more usable. Many people research the internet on their smartphones. Making your website mobile responsive makes it accessible on mobile phones, which increases traffic. Certified google analytics expert Chris can help you get on track!

managing remote teams

To enhance mobile responsiveness, choose website hosting services, theme and site design, and content layout that`s readable and browsable on smartphones.

You can measure your mobile responsiveness by using Google`s Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Google Analytics 4 can help you understand many areas of online marketing!

Social Media

Social media can also help you in off-page SEO optimization and increase traffic and conversions to your website.

Promoting your business on social media boosts engagement and helps you get backlinks and conversions. 

Getting engagement from various sources makes the search engines regard your site as valuable, and it`s a website ranking factor. Use Google Analytics to make sure your social media efforts are paying off!

Provide Value

Provide helpful information to your team. A consultant can come in and tell you exactly where to look when it comes to your data. At the end of the day you can determine what report best fits the team.

For example, if your organization has a design an IT team then make sure they understand the Google Analytics data. As a Google Analytics Consultant Chris works with multiple teams so they can get a clear picture of the marketing efforts.

If your content and reports are helpful then the team will appreciate this!

Create a Sharing Schedule

A schedule keeps you focused on what you want to achieve. It`ll help you limit the amount of content you share. When I first started with Google Analytics I would forget to check the reports! I decided to create a dashboard with all the key information and have this sent to me weekly via email.

Looking at the data once a month is not enough.

Be wise about the Google Analytics reports you share

This tool can be overwhelming! Be sure to only share reports with the people that can understand it. Consulting and agency organizations may be able to use this data, but some internal teams may not need to see this weekly.

Optimize Your Content for Social Media

Understanding what content actually brings visitors to your site is crucial. Use analytics to make sure you continue creating great content that works.

Monitor Your Results in Google Analytics 4

Knowing your marketing results helps to learn about your marketing mistakes and improve.

You should, therefore, monitor and see if there is negative or positive engagement on your website.

Engagements include an increase in shares, likes, clicks, and retweets.

If there is an increase in engagement, then your marketing efforts are doing better. If there is a decrease, you should reorganize your marketing strategies.

Chris is a Marketing Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, and businessman. He helps teams understand Google Analytics.

Request custom topics as well. Why hire Google analytics expert Chris?

It is always good to have an expert walk your team through exactly what is needed to help you bet utilize tools!  Chris has presented a number of  Google Analytics expert classes as well key digital marketing topics for many years. Contact him for custom solutions to your challenges. Google Analytics is a tool meant for many different types of organizations. Whether you are part of a large team or a small business analytics can help your business. This can even help you if your company needs analytics for how employees use the company intranet. This can also help with enterprise search engine optimization for companies. Getting a Google Analytics expert who can provide guidance to your team can make a difference in your success. Google analytics experts can help you understand details of this tool that you might have missed. Companies hire Chris as a Gooogle analytics contractor to help them migrate to the new system or provide training on the services.

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