Leadership Speaker Focusing on organization growth, corporate team building keynotes, and collaboration

Leadership Speaker Focusing on organization growth, corporate team building keynotes, and collaboration

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As a leader, you want to be equipped with the best strategies to work with people. Working with different personalities and skillsets can take time to get used to. Keeping your team productive while also motivating them can lead to growth in your organization. This session will provide useful techniques that managers can implement quickly! This is important whether this is remote team or in person effort. Understand how you can leverage the type of leader you are with our different sessions. Team building activities can lead to growth of organizations! Chris is one of the corporate team building keynote speakers and change management speakers for businesses that get results! Clients hire and book him as a guest management speaker in order to motivate their team for greater results. Get a training or speech that motivates and encourages team building for everyone involved.

Importance of team building and activities

A strong team is the one where tasks are accomplished, and growth of the entire team is taken into consideration. It is important to understand that team building helps to promote the overall business.

  • The needs and requirements of the team should be looked into, rather than considering them as replaceable.
  • An organization should attempt to learn about each team member personality, interest and hobbies by conducting different fun activities. This will develop a sense of care within them, and in turn build trust and loyalty towards the company.
  • Strong relation between employer-employee results in better performance, positive outlook and accountability towards any task.
  • Team building helps the team members to understand each other’s differences and similarities, and develop skills to appreciate other’s perspective and approach to a specific goal.
  • It will enhance skills to work together more systematically, and be considerate towards others.

Some of the topics that are often covered during team building keynotes and presentations

• Preventing team members from feeling isolated while working remotely

• Fun ways to engage during meetings and online gatherings

• Dealing with change management

• Building trust and reach goals on remote teams

• What to be aware of when working with teams in different areas of the country

Be the best at building relationships as a leader

• Become motivated to continue your mission while managing your team

• Collaborating with teams using key technology

Many of these team-building sessions are geared towards corporate audiences

Recent Team Building speaker training presentation to leaders and executives.

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Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international team-building speaker, author, and President of LR Training Solutions. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. Team building has been a major part of his career. At Google he learned the importance of collaborating and team building remotely. He was voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs  in Texas list by D-Mars in 2020 for his black-owned marketing and training company. He helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest tools online. Chris is one of the corporate team building keynote speakers who take time to make the presentation custom to the audience. His career has taken him to 48 US states. Contact him to be a keynote speaker or session presenter for an event or for advice on other Google topics. He can also hire Chris as a virtual keynote speaker for your event. Chris is one of the business keynote speakers who get you results!