SEO Speaker topic – Profit From Words: Using SEO for maximum marketing results

SEO Speaker topic – Profit From Words: Using SEO for maximum marketing results

SEO Speaker session Title and description: (Keynote or sessions available) 

Profit From Words: Using SEO for maximum marketing results (Corporate Speaker Session)

 Find out what SEO is and how to use key strategies for your organization to be able to rank higher in the search engines. This is not just for Google, but for social media platforms as well. These days, we are constantly searching sites throughout the day. Having the right wording in your content can be a huge benefit to your organization.  This training or presentation details how to use quick SEO tips, if you are a manager who is busy with other tasks. There are many different tools and tactics that need to be used to succeed in the search engines rankings. Corporations, associations, and businesses can all benefit from a better web presence through SEO strategies. 

As an SEO search engine optimization speaker, Chris makes sure to help your conference audience understand marketing concepts no matter what level they are at. Many attendees mention how they learned SEO tips that they can implement the next day.  If you need an SEO corporate speaker for upcoming events, contact here

This content can be provided as a Keynote, Session, or Workshop. We will initially work with your organization to discuss where you all are at in regards to SEO. Based on the discussions we will recommend the content that works best for the event.  Chris has been a speaker for over ten years. Audiences inclides businesses and corporate organizations. 

In this presentation, we will define SEO, discuss quick SEO tips, and learn how to implement these tips.

SEO Speaker Topics In Session Can Include: 

  • Keyword Use 
  • SEO Strategy
  • What tactics brands us for first page results
  • SEO link building
  • Using SEO tactics with social media profiles
  • Content Creation for SEO benefits 
  • Tools for search engine insights 
  • SEO methods based on the industry. 
  • Competition Research
  • Search Engine Optimization with Social Media 
  • SEO Trends to look out for
  • Tracking SEO results in Google Analytics 
  • New trends in SEO for 2021 and beyond


Chris is Certified in the Google Analytics Platform. SEO results require understanding the current traffic to your site. A tool that helps track results online. Using this and other tools helps the organizations he works with gets optimum results with SEO online. 


Chris is also a SEO keynote speaker on other useful topics. Contact for the best custom SEO corporate  solutions for your meeting or group.  View details on what a corporate speaker is.

These SEO sessions have been done in Texas cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston along with other places across the country. This can also be provided online virtually through Zoom, Skype, or platforms. 

As an SEO conference speaker, Chris also presents topics virtually. He is sure to give your corporate or small business the best tips and top strategies. These tips can also be useful for corporate teams trying to understand SEO for their internal intranet or external websites. His advanced experiences of Google Analytics helps him understand how to track SEO results for organizations. He uses the most recent SEO tips and strategies from experence and reliable sources

Contact for testimonials from SEO speaker session attendees and  marketing clients!

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Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international keynote speaker on SEO at events, marketing expert author, and President of LR Training Solutions. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. He was voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs  in Texas list by D-Mars in 2020 for his marketing and training company. Chris helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest tools online. His career has taken him to 48 US states.  He has worked with top organizations where he advised them on SEO and Google Analytics strategies. He has shared the stage with famous speakers in different fields. He holds E-Marketer and Google Analytics certifications. He provides services a virtual keynote speaker and as a in person presenter for events. One of the SEO speakers who get you results! 

Digital Marketing Book – Purchase (Contact for Bulk Orders) Topics covered include SEO Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and other useful topics also discussed as a marketing and seo speaker. Each chapter goes into detail about key topics in digital marketing. More details on SEO can be found on the blog of this site. Tips can be used for corporate and small business organizations. Named one of the best digital marketing books of 2020.
Chris is an SEO Speaker who is certified in virtual speaking by E Speakers