Numbers Matter: Use Google Analytics to generate more traffic

Numbers Matter: Use Google Analytics to generate more traffic

Numbers Matter: Use Google Analytics to generate more traffic

Google Analytics can be an overwhelming tool to use. Find out what reports you really need to succeed with in making changes online. Many look at this tool, but they do not use all the features it offers businesses.

As a Google analytics expert speaker or trainer for your event, Chris will make sure the audience takes away the most important aspects of analytics. Google Analytics is a tool meant for many types of organizations and teams. Understanding which reports are important is key.  These sessions range from a 90-minute presentation, to a three-day advanced workshop for corporate clients.

Whenever he speaks on Google topics such as PPC or Analytics, audience members have a new insight about the capabilities of the tools. As an onsite corporate Google Analytics Trainer, he makes sure the team understands the fundamentals of the tools. Within Google analytics, you can spend days trying to figure out what to look at. Google makes really useful tools for organizations. Sometimes it takes more time to really understand the capabilities. As a speaker and trainer, Chris makes these metrics easy to understand for managers and executives. 




As a former marketing specialist and trainer at Google, He learned key tactics in Analytics. He is available as a Google Analytics  trainer or presenter on Google Marketing Platform topics. Request Chris as a Google Speaker here  

Previous Google sessions have been conducted at some of the following locations: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Diego, Philadelphia, and International regions. Many of these sessions were conducted in-person or via virtual methods using Zoom, Skype, or other platforms.

Some companies can also find out what their employees are spending time on within their corporate intranet. 

Chris N. West, MBA is certified in Google Analytics. He has been a trainer and speaker for numerous organizations. Contact us or request Chris as a Google Speaker.


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