Book Virtual Keynote Speaker for Marketing Event or convention

Book Virtual Keynote Speaker for Marketing Event or convention

Many of the virtual or in-person presentations given by Chris are conducted at marketing events all over the world. These presentation topics vary from social media to digital marketing trends. In his book, Digital Marketing for Results: How to focus on What Matters, Chris further details a variety of these topics. The book goes over many digital marketing topics including Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more. This book was named one of the best digital marketing books of 2020.

As a virtual keynote speaker, Chris develops relationships with his audience and enables them to develop an understanding of their audiences and how to anticipate their needs. He ensures every member of the audience has actionable tips they can begin practicing.

Virtual seminars may be conducted using platforms such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype for business, and more.

Top Marketing Event or Conference Topics

  • Top Marketing Trends
  • Social Media for Results
  • Digital Marketing Trends
  • Google Analytics Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising

There are many different topics that can fit your marketing focused conference! We can discuss who your audience and what needs you want to meet! As a virtual keynote speaker, Chris offers a variety of topics that can help your organization reach the next level. In-person custom solutions are also available upon request.

Benefits of working with and booking a Top Virtual Keynote Speaker

The best part about a virtual event is the reach! Virtual events give more people the ability to attend and participate without needing to purchase additional venue space. As a result, you can obtain more feedback from virtual events. Studies show that people are more likely to comment and provide immediate feedback while attending online virtual events. As a social media marketing guest speaker, he provides engaging ways to grow online.

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Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is a top virtual keynote speaker, published author, and President of LR Training Solutions. In this former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and various countries including Germany, Canada, and France. Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 and maintaining a consistent record of excellence, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. He is one of the motivational keynote speakers who is a certified virtual presenter.Chris N, Cheetham-West has worked with top companies in different industries. He has shared the stage and networked with famous speakers involved in business, marketing, and management.  Many companies work with Chris as a keynote speaker, seminar leader, or consultant.  Book a keynote speaker who delivers and makes sure to understand customer needs before the presentation starts!

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