Top Tips for Black-Owned Businesses- Marketing & Branding

Top Tips for Black-Owned Businesses- Marketing & Branding

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Along with helping corporations, Chris N. Cheetham-West is known for helping organizations and businesses. During his time at Google, he worked with many individuals who are seeking ways to be found online by large audiences. He eventually started his own marketing company based in Houston. He now shares tips with many types of organizations including restaurants, public relations or digital agencies, retail, medical, and consulting firms, CPA agencies, corporations, and many others. Some of these businesses have been minority owned. Below are some tips that Black-owned businesses can use to grow their brands.

Stand Out as a black-owned business

Think about what stands out about your branding. Making it known that your company is black-owned has its benefits and many people in the community may be looking to support you. There are also many opportunities for minority-owned or women-owned businesses that can help you win opportunities! Recently Google Maps (Google My Business) created a feature enabling businesses to label whether they were a black-owned business or minority owned. Take advantage of these features and use them to your benefit. Keep track of updates on tools like this by using a tool called Google Alerts. This tool will send you emails whenever your company or your competitors business is mentioned. Use this to get alerted when Google Maps makes an update to their features.

How do they search businesses?

What kind of work do your customers have to do in order to find you? Are they searching Yelp or Google Maps? If so, what are you doing to be one of the first results they see in their search? SEO – Search Engine Optimization can play a major role in helping your business rank higher and reach your business goals. Improve your agency or firm’s website by adding common keywords that customers may use to get to your content. You also want to link to relevant sites that mention your business. For example, let’s say you were mentioned in a black-owned business list in your city. It would be a good idea would be to make sure there is a link back to your website for people to reach. SEO tips like these can not only help your company get found, but it can also increase your credibility.

Know your business audience

One of the main questions Chris is asked during presentations is what to post on social media. This question is easy to answer once you know about the needs and motivations of your audience. We recommend just getting started online and learning your niche as you go! The more you engage and post, the more you will know what people like to engage with when it comes to your business. Eventually, you will start to understand how your audiences engages in content.

Utilize Online Platforms to Grow Your Company

Nowadays many black-owned businesses are able to reach many of their audience online through platforms such as social media. We have personally witnessed many top black owned restaurants get over booked because they joined a Houston based Facebook group about restaurants and posted their products. All you have to do is build a connection with your audience overtime and develop long-lasting relationships. Eventually, they will trust you and end up purchasing your products. These tips can help you get stated on the right track.

Chris N. Cheetham-West, MBA is an international speaker, published author, and President of LR Training Solutions. In this former position at Google, he managed marketing programs and strategies for key products. Experienced and driven, Chris’s career has allowed him to present in 48 states and various countries including Germany, Canada, and France. Voted top 50 Black Entrepreneurs in 2020 and maintaining a consistent record of excellence, Chris is one of the best keynote speakers around and can help your organization achieve measurable results. Chris has helped many Black-Owned companies grow online through digital strategies.

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Chris is the author of Digital Marketing for Results. This book provides tips that help businesses agencies and corporate teams grow their online presence through digital marketing. Topics include SEO – Social Media – Email Marketing – Knowing your audience)
Chris was a former Google Marketing Specialist and Speaker.
It was an honor to be awarded 2020 Top 50 Black Professionals & Entrepreneurs in Texas for his black-owned digital marketing agency and corporate training speaker company. This award is presented to black-owned businesses and professionals within Houston and the surrounding areas. Voyage Houston Interview

Certified Virtual Presenter through E Speakers