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Chris is a SEO Marketing Keynote speaker and consultant. His company also works with many businesses that have achieved first page rankings through his company’s SEO services. Work with him and his team to get results! Contact below. He is based in Houston, Tx but travels to many different places to provide training and consulting.

Digital Marketing can be complicated in many ways! Understanding how all the channels and social media platforms work together is crucial! SEO can lead to results for your organization. The key is to stand out from the competition online. As an SEO Speaker and consultant, Chris works with organizations who want to reach more of their potential audience.  Google and other search engines play a major role in getting  SEO traction. Social media plays a huge role in gaining awareness as well. Learn how all these platforms help your SEO results and strategy.

Digital Marketing Results in book covering SEO and other topics. Services can be done virtually or in-person. We used the best platforms for SEO content delivery including Zoom, Skype and many others.

Let’s set up a call if you need help with the following:

  1. Discuss possible solutions for your organization.
  2. Strategy call to discuss how to utilize marketing and team collaboration for your organization.
  3. Internet Marketing Speakers for your next event.
  4. Discuss SEO tips for your company
  5. SEO Corporate Speaker Training options
  6. Marketing services
  7. Online Opportunities 
  8. Marketing Keynote Speaking
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