Tips for Black-Owned Businesses

Tips for Black-Owned Businesses

Along with helping corporations I also help small businesses. During my time at Google, I worked with many who wanted to know how to be found online by audiences. I eventually started my own black-owned marketing company based in Houston. I share tips with many types of organizations including restaurants, pr agency, retail, medical, consulting firms, CPA agencies, and many others.

Stand Out

Think about what stands out about your branding. Making it known that your company is black owned can be beneficial. People in the community may be looking to support your cause. People want to do business with organizations with good reputations. There are also set-asides for minority-owned or women-owned businesses that can help you win opportunities!

How do they search?

Think about what your customers are doing to find you. Are they using Yelp or Google Maps? If so, what are you doing to be in front of them when they search? SEO – Search Engine Optimization can play a major role in business goals. Work on your site by adding keywords to your site that you feel people will search for.

Know your audience

The top question I get during presentations is about what to post on social media. This question is easy to answer once you know about the needs and motivations of your audience.

Utilize Online Platforms to Grow

These days many black businesses are able reach many of their audionce online through social media. I have seen black owned restuarants get over booked because they joined a Houston based Facebook group about restuarants and posted their products. All you have to do is build a connection with your audince overtime. Eventually, they will trust you and end up purchasing.

Chris N. West, MBA is an international speaker, marketing expert, and President of LR Training Solutions. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he worked in the area of marketing key products. He serves as a board member of BlackNSA (National Speakers Association) Chris helps teams save time and focus on what matters by using the latest tools online. His career has taken him to 48 US states. Contact him to be a keynote speaker or session presenter or consultant.

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