Media for Business Keynote Speaker

Media for Business Keynote Speaker

Articles featuring Chris N. West, MBA  ( Business interview about book and speaker service) (Business interview about keynote and training speaker business) Talked about the role at Google involving providing education throughout Houston for small business owners. Was a small business speaker at a number of events in Houston and other cities across the country. ) He covered the best tips that businesess can implement quickly.

Talking up Google+ Hangouts live

Niche Mommy Conference In New Orleans, LA 2012

Google to Present Workshop at #NicheMommy12

Organizations hire Chris to be an internet marketing keynote speaker for their events. Many topics can be customized such as SEO, Social Media, Virtual Teams, and Analytics. Whether it is for corporate leaders or small business conferences, Chris delivers valuable content. As a business speaker and marketing expert, he makes sure to provide the latest tips and services to organizations.