Chris N. West is an international marketing speaker, corporate trainer, and President of LR Training. Formerly, he served in a position at Google where he helped efforts in marketing key products.  His career has taken him to 42 states and two countries.  

Key Experience:

  • Markets & Past Programs:
    • Canada | Alaska |  Los Angeles | NYC
  • Presentation > Averaging over 40 paid training and speaking dates a year, he delivers key topics at organizations or seminars.
  • Business > As a business owner he has increased revenue after 18 months through marketing and business strategies.


I  grew up in Houston, Texas where I  attended high school until moving to San Antonio  for college. During school, I found an interest in business.  I created  side businesses while in school such as selling electronics on auction sites. I found that much more experience is needed in order to be successful. I took jobs at multiple organizations until I graduated with a marketing degree from University of Texas San Antonio. Soon after graduation,  I worked at  an oil & gas publishing company and at Google. I was approached with a position at Google to help market one of their growing products which was google places. Following the initial projects, I helped market events and grow products such as Google Fiber, Google Plus, and Google Apps. Realizing that many organizations needed help with understanding new marketing tools I decided to start conducting training for companies throughout the  country.



Chris is an engaging Internet Marketing Speaker  who always shares a wealth of actionable ideas that managers  can use right away to make a positive difference in their marketing  and business team’s success.From the moment he begins his presentation, employees are captivated by his high-energy delivery style and the richness of his ideas. Invite Chris N. West to your organization. He’ll increase awareness of the many untapped opportunities available to you on the Internet and give you the insights you need to take full advantage.

Overall, West has garnered experience in marketing, business development, and training. As he has often said, “I feel that as a marketer, you actually get to make key decisions that will determine success or failure. The marketing field comes by trial and error, which in turn makes me a better, well-rounded individual.”

He is co-author of the joint book: Lone Star Media Leaders

West obtained his B.B.A in Marketing from the University of Texas San Antonio where he served as president of AMA-UTSA. He also holds certifications in Google Analytics and  eMarketer.

Contact for Business or Speaking Inquiries 

Customized for sessions, half day, full-day, two-day programs , West’s most requested topics include:                    

Using Social Media Strategically

LinkedIn Strategies for Success

What is SEO? 

Content Marketing for better engagement

Advertising that Produces Clicks